Faux News: MAN SEEKS APPROVAL by Nicholas O’Connor

via wzozfm.com

via wzozfm.com

A 23-year-old man, Thomas Ricard of Boise, ID has been reported at parties, coffee shops, bars and other local functions seeking general approval for anything. Witnesses claim that Ricard, who has no formal skills or training, has been seen (but rarely heard) boasting about things of little significance or value such as; shopping, knowing someone who does something, and hearing something one time.

Josie O’Brien is a bartender at Bud’s Tavern in Boise, an establishment Ricard frequents regularly. When asked about Ricard she had this to say, “Oh, that guy. Yeah, I didn’t know his name, but he comes in a lot. He told me that it’s cheaper to buy shampoo in bulk. I just smiled and nodded. It’s my job, ya know? Did he do something wrong, it wouldn’t surprise me if he did or didn’t. This is probably the most I have ever considered the guy.”

Little else is known about Thomas Ricard who, when told was being reported on by the local paper, pretended not to hear and acted like he was late for something.


This post was written by Nicholas O’Connor.


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