Fine, I guess I’ll Update the Open Mics List

Well, it’s been several months since the last Unscene Comedy Update, and I’ve left this website in the trusted hands of Nat Burns and Shawn Charter. Since then, Nat wrote a series of football articles that ended a week before the Super Bowl, and Shawn Charter started a weekly advice column that ran for exactly one week. So…I guess I better start getting involved again.

First, I’ve gone ahead and updated our Open Mics list, since that what an inexplicably large number of visitors have still been coming here to check. It currently has all of the open mics that I am aware of in Massachusetts, and I’ll be expanding that to the greater New England area and virtual shows as soon as I am able. I’ll also be updating the regular show list soon, so stay tuned for that.

Second, it looks looks like no one has moderated the comments sections in a while, so I’ll be getting around to that. There are currently 4,597 unreviewed comments pending approval, and I’ll be going through them all individually, starting with this one:

I wrote an article about an anti-vax website in 2014, and for some reason it has accumulated several thousand comments in the last 6 months.

IUDCwT|FNdmu, I want to that you for saying, “ZYHpMoWu,” but unfortunately, I suspect the link in you provided may be malicious, so I’m afraid your comment has been rejected. One down, 4,596 to go!

Finally, I want to talk briefly about the future of Unscene Comedy. This website was created in 2010 as a resource for comedians, not only to learn about their local comedy scene, but also to provide them with a space contribute to that scene (oh, UnSCENE, I just got that!). So, in the coming weeks, I am going to do my best live up to that vision. I’ll be keeping this website as up to date as possible and trying shine a light on local comedy. If you’d like to help, either by contributing an article or just making sure a new show is on our list, please feel free to email me. (I’ll also see what I can do about updating this website’s code, because apparently that was also created 2010, and WordPress does not like that.)

So keep checking in for more updates, and feel free to reach out! But please don’t leave any comments…I really can’t handle any more right now.

P.J. Westin | The Only Responsible Editor, Apparently

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