Shawn Carter – Boston Calling (Sorry for the confusion)

Hi, if you’re reading this odds are today you looked at the Boston Calling line-up and saw Shawn Carter and wondered, “is that Jay-Z, and if not who the hell is it?”

Well, I must say I’m very sorry for the confusion but I am not Jay-Z, and although I LOVE the idea of him going by his real name and showing up at a music festival (sort of) unannounced, it seems unlikely.

Listen, even I would rather it be Jay-Z at Boston Calling. I understand.

But alas, it’s me.

This isn’t the first time for this confusion. Apparently I’m not very searchable on-line. Jay-Z is usually the first 37 pages of google.

It’s such an issue that I named my debut album 100 Problems as a little joke for anyone that was a Jay-Z fan (including myself). That album was #1 on iTunes and reached #7 on Billboard for a short time. It is currently off-line but will be back again soon.

Billboard Comedy Chart

Hell, even beyond that there’s another Shawn Carter that made headlines in New Hampshire for murdering his family (allegedly?). I only found out about that one because someone came to a show and at the end they approached me and asked if I was the murderer (I was not).

Anyway, I hope you’ll come to Boston Calling. I would love to see you there.

If you’ve made it this far and you’re curious about my act here’s a sample video that I marked with this title for the same reason I’m writing this post.

Shawn is the owner and creator of

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