A Mini-Update from Unscene

Just wanted to give all you Unscene readers a quick update. You may have noticed I haven’t published anything in a little while. That’s because I was busy and I didn’t feel like it. As the Supreme Overlord of Unscene Comedy, I’m allowed to do that.

But I have a small announcement; I’ve fully updated the show listings (both open mics and booked) with the most current information I have on virtual shows in New England. Hopefully with vaccines rolling now out we won’t need virtual comedy much longer, but with Massachusetts moving backwards on reopening, who knows what will happen. I expect that I’ll have a few more Remotely Funny writeups before this is all over, but we’ll see how it goes.

Also, on that note, if you have a virtual show (both open mics and booked) that you would like me to feature on Unscene Comedy, please feel free to email me! I probably won’t be able to write about it until the new year, but I’ll add it’s information to the website right away.

That’s about it. Hope you are all staying safe, having a (relatively) happy holiday, and are looking forward to a new, better year!

P.J. Westin | Supreme Overlord of Editing

PJ is the Supreme Overlord of Editing for UnSceneComedy.com

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