Hottest Comics in Boston – 2019

Here it is the list of the Hottest comics in Boston. Voted on by an anonymous group.

You might ask, “how is there a hot list for 2019 when you never even posted the hot list from 2018?” Well the answer is, there simply weren’t enough hot dudes in 2018. I asked for a list and most of the guys had already been on the hot list in either 2016 or 2017. But if you must know who were the NEW hot dudes last year. You can find the short list of dudes at 2018 Hottest Comics.

The Bad Boy
Chris Kinback

The Hot Dog
Shaun Connolly

The Silver Fox
Tony V

The Total Package
Ben Bosunga

The Newcomer
Jay Martin

The Doof
Sunny Dennis

The Jock
Alan Moreau

Jimmy Cash

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