State of the Unscene: Relaunch

Hello dear readers and welcome back to Unscene Comedy! As you may have noticed the site has been inactive (and even offline) for the past several months. The shifting priorities of its very busy owner in combination with the monetary demands of web hosts conspired for a time to bring it close to the brink of nonexistence. A long and arduous campaign was mounted to venture deep into the dark recesses of the internet (think Lord of the Rings but more trolls) and retrieve our beloved website from the icy cold grip of the yawning void. Good men were lost, but who’s going to remember when we’ve got Dick Picks back September 7th?

Many of our old features and writers will be making their returns in the coming weeks, along with a slew of new content that we’re very excited to be bringing to you!

We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce you all to our new editorial staff: Shawn, Nat, and PJ.

Shawn Carter is Unscene’s founder and patron saint. Ubiquitous to the Boston comedy scene, Shawn runs the well known Sally O’Brien’s open mic in Union Square. A notorious provocateur (pineapple on pizza!?), he’s recently channeled his controversial opinions into a series of debate shows, “Pick a Side, Stupid”, now being chronicled in articles here at Unscene. Follow along and look out for the next dates and locations for future shows!

Nat Burns is a Boston comedian who loves writing about himself in the third person because it makes him feel important. Most often seen skulking around the city’s open mics, his comedy has been described as, “Like if someone needed therapy but didn’t want to pay a copay” – him. He describes it that way. Will he sort himself out and rise to the top of the scene, or will he continue to flounder and eventually realize that the rotely depressed navel gazing he tries to pass off as ‘comedy’ is excruciating to everyone but himself? (‘Is he actually talking about me?’ – every comedian in Boston.) Either way he’s bankrolled this operation so you’re not getting rid of him.

PJ Westin can be seen in clubs all over Boston, though you’re likelier to see him catching Pokemon. An aficionado of all things comic book or video game, PJ is the creator/host of his web series Comics Arcade where he invites comedians to join him in playthroughs of the cherished, the obscure, and everything in between. Keep an eye out for when those hit the site later this month, or maybe October, who knows, we’re not very good at this yet.

Check back Monday for the start of new content, beginning with Phoebe Angle’s Weirdly Specific Horoscope and Matt Miller Monday, then follow along all week as we roll out our new feature schedule!

New here and have questions about what this whole thing even is? Check out the FAQ page.

Excited to be back and excited you’re here with us!

Your editors,

Shawn, Nat, and PJ

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