Pick A Side Stupid: Nintendo.

Welcome to another week of intellectual discourse.  Today I’ll give you a short summary of what happened at our last show but if you want to see a live comedy debate show you can check us out tonight, August 23rd at Maggy’s Lounge in Quincy at 8pm.

OKOK, that’s enough about this week, let’s talk about last week.  Our topic for the night was Nintendo and we had some terrific comedians come to argue about it at a private show in a super sexy luxury apartment in Quincy.  Since this is still a new show we’ve been searching for some places to run the show and as luck would have it one person that offered up their place had a sweet pad.  It was fun having the show in a nice apartment but it also made it necessary to keep the guest list to a minimum, so I’ll continue looking for a bigger more public venue.

Here are some of my favorite questions of the night.

“Your pet gorilla kidnaps your girlfriend and climbs atop a construction site.  Do you fight to get her back or reactivate OKCupid?”  – James Mullan.  (Donkey Kong)

“Who would win this boxing match:  Glass Joe or Connor McGregor?” – Joe Reynolds.  (Punchout)

“Is it ok to throw newspapers at a person to stop them from breakdancing, provided that they’re not one of your customers?” – Shawn Carter. (Paperboy)

“Link from Legend of Zelda or Mario:  Who is the bigger cuck?”  – Sean Rosa.  (Zelda/Mario)

“Would you rather eat a mushroom and grow twice your size or eat a leaf and be able to fly?” – Logan O’Brien. (Super Mario Bros)

“What is Nintendo and why are you kids on my lawn?”  – Craig Martin (Curmudgeon)

My favorite debate of the night was when comics were asked:

“In a real life battle would you rather have unlimited lives but very limited ammo or unlimited ammo but only three lives”

Ben Quick responded “Definitely unlimited ammo and only 3 lives because I would only have to die 3 times before I finally get what I want.  And then I can truly go out guns ablazing…  that way I’ve got two times to perfect it and on the third I’ll make an exit no-one will ever forget.”

Followed by Casey Malone “As I think I’ve made it clear already, I’m not good in a fight.  All I have to offer is running at someone and hoping I don’t die, and now that’s been taken out of the equation.  I can just keep running on a sword over and over again until the enemy gets so bored they have no choice but to surrender.  So unlimited lives is the way to go for me.”

Danny Yelin was the winningest debater of the night with three victories and Sean Rosa was the champion of the night as he won the final debate.  Below is the order of debaters and with the winner of each round specified with a (W).

Sean Clarke     (W)    vs Oshee Baugus
Chris Gagne    (W)    vs Sean Clarke
Chris Gagne    (W)    vs Freddy Loeb
Ryan Shea       (W)    vs Chris Gagne
JJ Bucklin        (W)     vs Ryan Shea
Casey Malone (W)     vs JJ Bucklin
Casey Malone (W)     vs Ben Gould
Ben Quick       (W)     vs Casey Malone
Bill McMorrow (W)     vs Ben Quick
Danny Yelin    (W)     vs Bill McMorrow
Danny Yelin    (W)     vs Katie Baker
Danny Yelin    (W)     vs Mike Settlow
Sean Rosa       (W)     vs Danny Yelin

This entire show was recorded and will be available in podcast form soon.



Shawn is the owner and creator of UnSceneComedy.com

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