Working Comic: It’s Saturday!!

Hey everyone I’m back!  “Two weeks in a row?  Why?  How?  Are you taking aderall or something?”  Nope, I just haven’t smoked any weed in two weeks and it’s gotta me doing all kinds of crazy shit like working out and writing blogs and chewing gum.  OK, anyway I’ll take you through my week day by day but I’m gonna tell you right now Friday is the fun story so feel free to skip ahead to that if you want.

Monday:  I hosted Sally O’Briens comedy open mic.  My favorite thing about this mic is that we always get new comics and the bar always writes the wrong time on their chalkboard outside.  The open mic has been running there for 10 years and they still don’t seem to know what time it starts.

Tuesday:  I hosted the BOOKED show at Iron Furnace in Quincy.  All the comics killed it in front of the packed room.  I don’t know if the audience is coming for the comedy or the $3 cheese pizza but I think it’s the comedy.  Whichever one it is they seem to be very happy with both pizza and comedy.

Wednesday:  I ventured north of Boston to Saugus to watch my friend perform at Giggles open mic.  I had a mini pizza.  The open mic was fine, the mini pizza was amazing.

Thursday:  Relaxed.  Recorded an episode of Fart the Podcast.  That’s all.

Friday:  Ah Ha!  This is where it gets fun.  Friday night I was hosting at Laugh Boston.

As is standard at this club someone in the sound booth introduced the show by trying to hype up the audience and made announcements like “shut off your phone”.  Then of course they say “Give it up for your host tonight, Shawn Carter”.

During the “hype” part of the intro they said “Come on make some noise it’s Saturday night”.  From back-stage I could hear some people cheering and some people yelling “It’s Friday”.  When I went out on-stage I started my set by saying “Hey everyone, Happy Saturday”  and then made a few more jokes about how we were trying to rob them of a night of their weekend and how maybe some dude would be sitting in church alone tomorrow and very confused.  It was a fun running joke and the audience was really into it.

Fast forward to half-way through the headliner’s set.  He says “You guys are a great crowd, particularly for a Friday.”.   Someone in the audience yells “It’s Saturday.”.  Headliner says “No, it’s Friday, I think I know what day of the week it is.”  Now two or three people in the audience in different areas yell “No, It’s Saturday.”.  Now the headliner starts to get confused “Are you guys fucking with me?  Because I’m pretty high.”.  Now most of the audience yells “No, It’s Saturday!”.   Long pause.  Headliner is now blown away by the fact that he didn’t know what day it is, eventually he looks at his phone and then figures out that it is in fact Friday.  He’s questioning the audience “What the hell?  How did you all organize that?  Did you get together before the show and say ‘hey let’s fuck with the headliner’?”.   The audience promptly throws me under the bus.

I couldn’t do anything about this the entire time it was happening but I could hear it all from back stage.

Saturday:  It was actually Saturday.  I hosted two shows at Laugh Boston.  Both were really fun, I didn’t try to convince the audience that it was Sunday.  Everything went smoothly.  I’m looking forward to being invited back to Laugh Boston some Saturday or Saturday.

Sunday:  I hung out at the open mic at Iron Furnace in Quincy.  The open mic is every Sunday.  This particular week was hosted by Sami Anderson but the host can change from week to week.  It’s been a fun mic the past few weeks.  Lots of comics, plenty of audience and plenty of beer.


If you wanna catch me doing comedy somewhere this week, check out any of these fine establishments.

Monday:  Sally Obriens.  Somerville.  7:30
Tuesday:  Iron Furnace.   Quincy.  8:00
Friday:  Kowloon.  Saugus.  8:30
Sunday:  Iron Furnace.     Quincy.  7:30


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