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IFCrowd52It’s been 6 months since I’ve posted one of these but it’s back by request. (requested by Mark, if you’re reading this Mark, “You’re welcome”.  If you’re not reading this then I guess it was all for nothing.)    So I’ll tell you fine folks all about my week.

It was a great week so I guess this is as good a time as any to pick this thing back up.

Monday:  I hosted the open mic at Sally O’Briens.  It was as it always is 20 or 30 comics a hand full of bar flies.  The game on the TV.  Chit chat at the bar.


Tuesday:  I hosted the comedy show at Iron Furnace in Quincy.  All the comics were killing it and we had over 70 people come out for the show.  We also had a special guest on the show, Dick Doherty.  Dick has been doing comedy and running comedy clubs for decades and he dropped by our little show to do a guest spot.  So that was pretty cool.


Wednesday:  I went down to the Golden Dragon in Weymouth and did a set at an open mic that was hosted by Joe Palmer.  (There are open mics that Shawn doesn’t host???)  There sure are and this is one of them.  It’s great to see the comedy scene expanding on the south shore.  People like Dan Hall, Joe Palmer, Miguel Perez and Tyler Swain are working to build a scene in this area and it’s so cool to watch it grow.


Thursday:  I recorded a brand spanking new episode of Fart the Podcast with my co-host Ted Pettingell and our guest Ken Reid.  Of course I left Ken’s house with a record player because he just had extra record players laying around.  He is indeed an interesting fellow and you should check out his podcast TV Guidance Counselor if you haven’t already.


Friday:  Ohhhhhh, now we get to the fun weekend shows!  This night was just bundles of fun.  Sean Sullivan was headlining a show to raise money for some school in Weymouth and he invited me to host it and also bring sound equipment which is something I’m very good at, if you need sound equipment you call Shawn, I’ll hook you up for a good price, and for a few dollars more I’ll bring some jokes.
Tim McIntire was the feature and he should be headlining.  I guess he was just doing Sean a favor or something.
Bill McMorrow was the guest spot and I’ll tell you it takes balls to get up in front of a PTA group and say kitty porn that many times in 10 minutes.
By the end of the night I was wearing a sombrero and a couple dozen bead necklaces.  Some dude in the audience called me gay because it’s weymouth and of course he did BUT  overall it was a pretty good night.


Saturday:  I don’t often make my way down to the cape but that’s exactly what I did after 2 hours of dominating a pick up basketball game with children at my nieces 6th birthday party.
I hopped in a car with some of my absolute favorite comedians and also Bill McMorrow, even though he Roasted me at Laugh Boston that one time, we’re still cool.
Anyway, here’s the story,  Andrew Mayer (Nonsense), Rick Canavan, Bill McMorrow and myself were all booked to do a show at Land Ho! in Harwich Port.
Steven Gould hosted the show and said since Andrew, Rick and I were all doing the same amount of time we could decide the order among ourselves.  Having the biggest ego among the three of us I demanded that I get to close the show.  I don’t think it mattered what order we went in, everyone was great and it was a happy ending.  And by that I mean all the women in the audience were hitting on Bill McMorrow after the show.


This one woman said to Bill “I bet you were a real bad boy when you were younger.”. To which Bill replied “When I was younger? Sorry ladies I’m married”

Then he threw a beer can across the room which hit the jukebox and it instantly starting playing Guns N’ Roses “It’s so easy”. In one movement he put on his leather jacket and turned around and walked out of the room.

The next thing any of us heard is a motorcycle revving up and as we looked out the window there was Bill McMorrow pulling a wheelie across the parking lot on a huge Harley.

That guy is hilarious.


Soooooooo… That’s how my week went.

If you wanna catch me doing comedy somewhere this week you can check out one of these fine establishments.

Monday: Sally O’Briens 7:30
Tuesday: Iron Furnace 8pm
Wednesday: ????
Thursday:  ??????
Friday:  Laugh Boston 7:30
Saturday:  Laugh Boston 7:30 & 10pm

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