Comedy Diet Challenge Week 7: Are we there yet?


“You know when you step on the scale and suck in your gut like that’s gonna trick the scale?”  I asked my dad.  “No” he responded, “I suck in my gut so I can see the numbers.”

We’ve been doing this fitness/weight loss thing for 7 weeks now and I’m looking forward to it ending, not so that I can eat junk food  (I already do that once in a while) but so that I can stop blogging about it.  This week I ate half way decent and exercised a few days and I was down another 2 lbs.  I think I might need to buckle down for the next two weeks though because although I’ve lost 27 pounds so far my brother has lost the same and I haven’t found a pair of panties that are very flattering yet.

Wish me luck, and come see me at Sally O’Brien’s any Monday night at 7:30 for some comedy!


The picture above shows the kind of fancy dinners you can have when two comics date.

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