Comedy Diet Challenge Week 5: Sweet Carolina.

Hi Friends!!

This has not been my best week for fitness.  However it’s been a pretty good week for comedy.

I was invited to Goodnights Comedy Club in Raleigh North Carolina to participate in the World Series of Comedy.  My traveling buddy John Baglio made sure that we listened to some Pete Pablo “Raise Up” on the way down and I put on some James Taylor “Carolina In My Mind”.

Typically being on the road for comedy is the worst thing for a person trying to lose weight, most options for meals are not exactly low calories.  I’ve done better about eating healthy on this trip than I would have in the past although I did have to go to a fast food place down here that specializes in chicken and biscuits as I was advised to try it out by Kenice Mobley.  It was great but I’m glad there aren’t any in Boston.

The show I was schedule to do was Thursday night but since I advanced in this contest I now have another show Saturday night.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Both for the comedy contest and the diet contest.

I haven’t stepped on a scale yet this week so no update there.  Hopefully I’ll have more info for you all soon.

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