Working Comic: Feature Act. – by Shawn Carter.

With SIX shows and no work during the day this was a fantastic week for comedy.

Let’s get right to it:

Monday:  Sally O’Briens in Somerville was just as delightful as it usually is.  Silly O’Briens I like to call it.

Tuesday:  I hosted the show at Stadium in Quincy which was great.  It seems like the word is starting to spread that it’s a fun show and each week we get a few new people in the room.  If you want to come by you can RSVP HERE.  It’s free and the show is worth much more than zero dollars.

Wednesday:  I did nothing.  OH IT WAS THE BEST.

Thursday:  First I went to Dick Doherty’s Comedy Den for the Thursday night show run by Shaun Bedgood and he was nice enough to give me a spot.  Then I want to The Riot Theater “Stand Up Break In” show, which is run by Danielle Andruskiwec and David Thomas and I closed that show out and the crowd couldn’t have been better, very cool people there.

Friday:  I was featuring on a show at Dick Doherty’s Comedy Den.  It was a small but great crowd.  I had a blast and I’m hoping to get back there again soon.  Oh that reminds me I should probably send an email expressing my desire to work there again.

Saturday:  Another night featuring (which is going on in the middle and doing 30 minutes in case you didn’t know)  at Dick Doherty’s Comedy Den (which is located at 184 High St. in Boston in case you didn’t know).

The crowd was much bigger the second night and front and center of course we had a bachelorette party (which is something comedians usually can’t stand in case you didn’t know).  But this bachelorette party was quiet and didn’t try to be the center of attention, so it turned out alright.  I did start my set by warning the bride to be that I was gonna talk about divorce A LOT.  She said “that’s fine, I’m divorced”.  After she went on to say that this would be her second marriage I assured “don’t worry third time’s a charm”.

All in all it was really fun weekend at the club.  Orlando Baxter was headlining and that dude is hilarious so it was cool.

ok, that’s pretty much everything that happened to me.  

How was your week?

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