Working Comic: A Night at Fenway Park. – by Shawn Carter

Some weeks you wonder how life can be so boring and then just when you’re about to give up on ever having a really good unexpected laugh ever again your room-mate uses a beach ball to knock the fried dough out of some child’s little hands and you find yourself again.  More on that later…

Monday:  I hosted the comedy open mic at Sally O’Brien’s in Somerville.  Lots of new faces, maybe this will be our next class of comedians.  It seems like every 2 or 3 years a new class begins and some drop out, some develop much faster than anyone would expect and some enjoy a slow and gradual road to improvement which is certainly the most common case.  It will be interesting to see which of the newbs take each path.

Tuesday:  I hosted the amazing exquisite comedy show at Stadium in Quincy.  For the second week in a row we were lucky enough to have Dustin Ybarra drop in for a guest set and he’s told me that he’s coming back again this week before leaving for LA on Wednesday.  The guy is killer so if you are reading this and looking for something to do Tuesday night, come by and check out the show.  We also have Sean Sullivan from TV this week.

Wednesday:  I worked painting cars or car parts.

Thursday:   uuuuuuhhhhhhhh, landscaping, 6AM wake up call.  Got the day done in 9 hours though.  So that works out.  After work I went to the Red Sox game with my room mate Scott.  I hadn’t eaten so I got a sausage in front of the ballpark, and as I was sitting there eating more onions than I would ever imagine I could stomach some classy Bostonian walked up to a pallet of bobble heads that were being brought into the park and tried to steal a bunch of them.  However his plan was foiled when a cop spotted him and did that real loud whistle thing and then yelled at him.  Here’s a 50 year old guy getting yelled at for trying to steal toys.  Pretty sad.  Anyway, we make our way into the park find our seats and sit down,  These seats would have been awesome if there wasn’t a walkway right in front of us that everyone used as a short cut.  There were people constantly in my way.  This experience was only heightened by the two girls in the seat behind us.  If you ever want to have something made worse just have two 19 year olds sit behind you and talk about their lives for 3 hours, holy shit is that annoying.  Ok.  Now we get to the highlight of the night, you didn’t see it on tv but it was the play of the game.  Someone had brought a beach ball to Fenway Park and it was bouncing around and as I reached into my sweatshirt pockets to try to dig out my phone the beach ball came hurling towards me at top speed,  Scott saved my face by reaching out last second and knocking it away, hard.  Unfortunately he redirected it right in the face of some little boy the ball hit him right in the face before ricocheting down into his fried dough and knocking all the powdered sugar off of it.  The kid’s face went from stunned to realizing he was ok, and realizing he still had (most of) his fried dough and then he laughed, and so did dozens of people in the crowd.  Just a crowd of people laughing at some poor little kid that almost had his night ruined by that monster Scott.  The the dude that works at Fenway popped the beach ball because he hates fun.

Friday:  I spent all day doing comedy stuff that wasn’t about getting on stage.  Promoting shows, creating flyers, responding to emails, all very boring stuff but necessary.  Also the website crashed that day and I spent sometime trying to figure out how to get that fixed.  Luckily my fried Jim Akiba was able to take care of it.  Saving the day once again.

Saturday:  Hit the gym.  Which I also did other days this week but I don’t wanna brag about how I was lifting a thousand pounds and stuff.  At night I headlined the show at Stage Time Comedy Club in Worcester.  I think it was their last week before they go on hiatus for the summer.  It was a fun time though.

If you want to see me do comedy or hang out soon here’s my schedule for the next week:

May 24: Sally O’Briens

May 25:  Stadium, Quincy.

May 29: Kowloon, Saugus.  w/ Tony V

May 30: Kowloon, Saugus. w/ Tony V

Lastly, if you want to see the best damn comedy show to hit the south shore of Massachusetts, come out on June 20th to Stadium in Quincy.  It’s a Saturday night and it’s probably the last time you’ll be able to see this rising star in such a small venue.  Every seat in the house is a good seat.


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