Working Comic: Work, Work, Work, Nap. – by Shawn Carter.

This past week was strange for me.  I spent more days working than I had in almost a year and it surprised me how much I didn’t enjoy it.  I mean after 8 months of being out of work I thought I missed working but after a couple of days of work I realize I did not.  Not at all.  But it did remind me how much I enjoy a good nap.

After I agreed to work a few hours for my friends landscaping company I was asked if I would like to work a few hours for my old job where I painted cars.  I was clear that I couldn’t make any promises about how many hours I could work in a week and it could be as little as zero hours on any given week.  We came to an agreement and now I have two jobs on top of comedy.

So, now I’ll take you through my new and improved week.

Monday – Woke up at 7AM confused and scared.  What time is it?  Why is my alarm going off?  Is that an empty bag of chips under my arm?  Then I drove to work, yes, work.  I got there 20 minutes early, something I never did while I was employed full-time.  I was locked out.  After walking around for a little while I found an unlocked door and went to work.  It wasn’t bad.  I stayed until around 3 I think.  Then I went home and prepared myself for another magical night at Sally O’Briens in Somerville.  We had a lot of new faces which is nice to see.  I like seeing new people starting to hit the open mics.

Tuesday – I told both jobs I can’t work on Tuesdays.  Tuesday is all about Stadium in Quincy.  I wake up thinking about it and all I do is prepare for it, write for it, promote it and think about it all day.  The end result is a great show if I do say so myself.  Although that’s probably because of all the great comics that agree to do the show and all the help I get from Jim Akiba setting up the room properly, and the audience that keeps coming back each week.  No matter what the reason I’m not messing with my Tuesday routine.  This show is going in the right direction.  This past week we had a special guest drop in (Dustin Ybarra), he had been headlining at Laugh Boston all weekend and since he was still in town he decided to stop by and do a set.  He crushed and was as nice as could be.  This week we have an amazing show lined up as well, so get your butt over to Quincy.

Wednesday – I rolled out of bed at 9AM and I wanted to sleep more but it was too noisy in my neighborhood so I went to work painting cars for a few hours.  Then when I got home I passed out aka took a nap and slept through the first half of the show I was supposed to be performing on.  Fortunately my room-mate was also on the show and called me and woke me up and I was able to make it to the show and do my spot.  Working the day job almost made me too tired for the night job.

Thursday – I woke up at 6AM, wanting to punch everything.  Then I drove to the landscaping job.  Then I worked 11 hours landscaping.  No show that night.

Friday – The night before I told the landscape crew I could meet them somewhere and work some hours but I couldn’t do another 11 hour day.  So I did I met them at a neighborhood where we had a couple of mow accounts.  I helped mow two of them, then we travelled to a third account where it was not mowing but instead doing a clean up and I left for the day.  I left for two reasons, 1: we were only 5 minutes from where I lived so I wasn’t going to drive further away again.  2: I signed up for mowing, not cleanups.  I don’t blame them if they say we can’t use you because you only want to do the easy work, but that’s all I’m interested in doing really.  I already spent a few years doing the shit work, I’m done with that.

Saturday – I helped set up and run a fundraiser comedy show.  The fundraiser was for Safe Passage.   So if you couldn’t make the show but still want to donate you can do that.  It was a really fun show.  There was a minor mix up and we thought one of the comedians was going to be late so I ended up doing 37 minutes instead of the 25 that I was planning on doing but it all worked out in the end.  Everyone seemed very happy with the show, lots of compliments rolling in after it ended.  Hopefully we can do it again next year.

Ok.  Soooo that’s my week.  Now tell me about yours.


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