Working Comic: A Surprising Week. – by Shawn Carter.



This was one of those strange weeks where things actually workout in an unexpected and beautiful way.  There’s plenty to talk about so I’m just gonna get right to it.

Monday – I hosted a hell of a busy night at Sally O’Brien’s in Somerville.  Lots of fun as usual.

Tuesday – We decided to cancel the comedy show at Stadium for the night because it was St. Patrick’s Day.  The show has been progressing and gaining more popularity so it was with much regret that we were unable to run the show that night.  However, I’d rather lose a little bit of momentum by not having a show than lose a lot of momentum by having a bad show.  I imagine if we did have the show that night there would be a good chance we would be constantly interrupted by extremely drunk patrons coming into the room.  I’d rather have no show than a bad show.

But where would I make up the money that I lose by not having the show?

Wednesday – Out of nowhere I get a phone call from a great Boston comic, Dan Boulger.  He asks if I want to open for someone at a college Thursday night.  He tells me he got offered the gig but is already booked elsewhere.  Hell yeah I want to do that!  This gig makes up the money for the show I had to cancel the night before.  Sweet Bonus Cash.

Thursday – I have to pick up the headliner for the show at the college in Newport R.I.  Patrick Keane is his name.  He’s done the Late Late Show and CC Live at Gotham. I’m hoping that he’s cool and we have a good time, but I’ve never met the guy before so who knows.  As I’m driving to the place where I’m picking him up I think “He’s probably worried about getting stuck on a long car ride with some asshole.  We’re in the same boat.  Just be cool.”.  I pick him up, he’s cool.  We do the show, it’s a lot of fun, the crowd loves him and hangs out after the show to talk to him.  We drive back to Quincy feeling pretty good.

Friday – I play poker with some friends and make $25, thank god.

1926907_10152667144776746_7935660962564478725_nSaturday – No show scheduled but then at the last minute I get and email.  “Hey Shawn, can you open this show tonight in Fairhaven?  15 minutes?  X dollars, 8pm”.  I look at my clock, it’s 6 pm.  I google directions.  Yup, I can make it there in time.  I respond affirmatively.  Once I arrive at the VFW, I find it filled with white haired people… not all of them though… some of them have no hair.  I assume they are going to hate me because they are old but they actually like me and give me the thumbs up.  A man that is clearly the dj at this event approaches me and the other comics and tells us that we’re going to start the show soon.  The DJ is wearing a sport coat with the words “POW” and “BOOM” written all over it, like he’s getting the shit kicked out of him by an invisible batman at all times.  He stays on stage behind me the entire time.  Despite all that I still have a good set and bounce the fuck out of there the second I’m off stage.

Why was I in such a hurry?

Two reasons, I wanted to go to a friends party and I wanted to stop by Laugh Boston and see the very funny Phoebe Angle do her thing hosting.  So I went by there and watched her open the show which was great. Then I planned on watching about 5 minutes of Alingon Mitra’s feature set but he is so damn funny I ended up staying for the whole thing and then by that time I decided it was too late to make the party so I hung out there the rest of the night.  The place was packed.  There was a huge crowd that came out to see the headliner Heather McDonald, who I was able to meet briefly, she seemed nice.  Anyway,  the point is, that club is great and it was exciting to see such a good show with such a big enthusiastic audience there.

Sooooo…    That’s pretty much my week.  Hope to see you tonight at Sally O’Brien’s or Tuesday at Stadium.

Also, make sure to watch the video below if you want to know how silly Stadium gets after 10pm.


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