Broad Appeal Presents – Mariel Makes a Mess 2: Rise of the Pennants

10933761_961306432062_4732932575939792404_nMariel Makes a Mess is the premier column for people who are a little bit crafty, a little bit messy, and a little bit drunk. In each installment, Mariel will attempt to make something – be it a mess or a drink or another craft – and detail her adventures for your virtual consumption.


The other day, I saw this $25 pennant online and thought “Are you drunk?” As it turns out, I was drunk.


More like an adventure in wasting money. Boom. (via

More like an adventure in wasting money. Boom.


When I awoke from my Mike’s Hard Lemonade fueled binge, I had made this genuine ADVENTURE pennant in red and another smaller pennant in blue.





I had left over red felt from previously making a gnome hat (yeah, I’m freaking whimsical) and I bought a small square of blue felt for 33 cents. I cut both the red and blue felt into two isosceles triangles (one of each color).


Next, I ironed on letters purchased for about $6 at a major craft chain.


Kids, be sure to ask your parents or guardians for help with the iron, especially if you’re drunk.


Finally, I glued burlap borders and straps to the shorter edge. I used rubber cement, but I’m not gonna tell you how to pick your poison. Liberally apply rubber cement on both the burlap and felt edges that you want to glue together, then set something heavy on it (like a German dictionary or Grover Cleveland) until it dries.




I had previously purchased the rubber cement and I’m pretty sure my husband stole the burlap, so the entire project only cost me $6.33!



PCU pennant now with 100% more Spanish subtitles!


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