Nixon’s Neurotic Musings: Interview Questions No One has Asked Me

Nixon’s Neurotic Musings:
Interview Questions No One Has Asked Me.

by James Nixon



Has Kanye Changed Your Process?

Professional KanyeMost definitely, I am the greatest! So that’s where I start. I’m better than you and you need me.  I live off your attention and validation but I’m the greatest.  I got that TJ Maxxx swag bitches!  Ya, I added an X to the Tj Maxx name cuz when I try on some discount Ralph Lauren’s I expect 3 moms to eye fuck me and one to help me change out of ’em.  Boom. Gonna need a dressing for that pussay-ay after I reck that mutha in the changing room!  Shush baby, they just jealous, now shut up while I press yo tittays into the wooden slats in the door. Ima get those slats to tweak dem nips while I smash dem hips. Am the muthafuckin gift to all ya’ll!

But no, I wouldn’t say Kanye has really done anything to change my process.



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