Is it a serious issue? Yes. Am I going to treat it as such? Probably not.

When I was younger I didn’t like the taste of beer. Maybe that was because my father drank Budweiser and so when I took a sip of his beer, which was my payment for getting it for him, I didn’t enjoy it simply because it was not good beer. However over the years I’ve grown to appreciate beer much more. Sure during my late teen and early 20’s I enjoyed it simply because it helped me reach my goal of getting loose enough to be social. Often times helping me get social enough to ask total strangers to help me off the ground.

The past few years I have moved past trying to find the beer that makes it seem most like I’m getting drunk off of water and onto enjoying beer for it’s flavor and usually not even thinking about the fact that it will give me a buzz. While this seems like it’s making me less of a binge drinker and more of a social drinker who actually enjoys beer it is also dangerous in a way.

For example, because of the fact that I now don’t always associate beer with getting drunk but rather something I enjoy drinking for the flavor, I find myself having to remind myself that it’s not appropriate to have a beer everytime I open the refrigerator and think “hmmm…that would be good right now.”. Consider this, on any given day there is most likely only two options for beverages in my fridge, water, and beer. The other day before going to work at 6 am, I opened the fridge and while looking at my two options thought “beer tastes much better than boring water.”. However I did quickly realize this was not a choice I was allowed to make. It was rather strange though the way I decided not to have a beer. My thought process went something like this:

Me: That beer looks good.

Myself: Yeah but it’s six in the morning.

Me: So.

Myself: Good point.

I: We don’t have time to sit down and drink a beer.

Me: We’ll drink it in the car.

Myself: Oh my god I might have a problem.

Me, myself and I: Nevermind, water is fine.

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