Monday March 17, The Best Value You’ll Ever Get For A Comedy Show Ever.

Hi everyone,  I’m here today to basically try to raise awareness for a comedy show.

Monday, March 17 at 8 pm you can get the absolute most bang for your buck by going to The Comedy Studio and watching a $5 comedy show.

That’s right only $5.  What makes this show so good you ask?  Well, first of all it’s at The Comedy Studio and their reputation is impeccable.  Also it is the audition show for The Great American Comedy Festival.  If you’re still lost on the idea.  Think of it this way, it’s a festival run by the estate of Johnny Carson and to be invited to perform at it is considered a huge honor.  This is the show where the talent scout comes to Boston to check out the best comedians we have to offer.

Can you believe you can see show guaranteed to be so amazing without even having to take a ten dollar bill out of your wallet, unless you’re bringing a date, (WHICH I SUGGEST YOU DO).  Think about how impressed your date would be with your ability to spot a good bargain.  Also you can laugh a lot on that date, and everyone knows laughing is the best aphrodisiac.  Wow I can’t believe I spelt that correctly, either that or my spell check is no longer underlining things with a harsh red squiggly line.

Anyway, go to this show.

Buy Your Tickets Here!!!

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