My Favorite Open Mic: Thunderbar – by Logan O’Brien.

Everything worth doing in the city of Allston Massachusetts, you’ll end up doing in a basement. Which is why it’s no surprise that the best Thursday night mic in Allston is hosted in a basement. The Thunderbar open mic can be found in the downstairs of the Wonder Bar, located at 186 Harvard Ave. in, you guessed it, Allston!

The boisterous, kind-faced, fuckman Owen Linders is typically at the helm of the mic at Thunderbar; and he is occasionally filled in for by the incredibly hilarious, and equally perverted, fuckboy known as Brandon Vallee. There’s only one rule at this mic, and that is: New Material, No Material. Is that technically two rules? I don’t know, it’s not important.
Listen if you’re not sure what New Material, No Material means, it means no old jokes when you get up on that there stage. Tell some old ones, and you’re liable to be open game to the crosshairs of a Nerf™ gun. However, if you have no new jokes, fret not! The No Material end of those rules means, No Material? No proooooooblem. Just get up there and do yo thang bb girl; ask questions, do a character, crowd work, whatever you want! The basement ceilings the limit!
The Thunderbar mic is truly one of the funnest mics in Boston. There are some feature spots, to try and ensure that there will definitely be some funny jokes being told that night. You’re guaranteed a unique experience every time you go, thanks to the New Material, No Material rule. And honestly, it’s just a really good hang. The list goes out at 5:30, but I’d plan on being there early if you want to get up early. And whatever you do, if the mic has already started, don’t come down the front stairs and cross in front of the person performing. That should be a no-brainer.
Article by Logan O’Brien.

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