Working Comic: A Week of Leisure. – by Shawn Carter.

I went bowling TWICE this past week…  TWICE!

Well, you know what they say.  All work and no play makes everyone dull.  This past week was almost all play and no work for me.

Monday:  I hosted Sally O’Briens on Monday and that was a good time.

Tuesday:  Of course I also hosted the comedy show at Stadium in Quincy and that show is becoming so much fun, the most difficult part of running the show is telling some comics that we’re completely booked for the week.  The 10 pm debate is probably my favorite part of the week now.  Each week we’ve been giving a prize to the winner of the debate and I’m so excited for this next debate because we’ll be giving away a pair of tickets to see Marc Maron at the Wilbur Theatre on April 11, 9:45pm.  So if that’s something you’d be interested in winning, come down to Stadium this Tuesday at 10pm and sign up for the debate.  Thanks to Anthony Costa for donating the tickets.

Wednesday:  I talked to some high school kids about stand up comedy.  When I was first asked to talk to the kids about comedy I was excited but when we decided on April 1st as the day I would come into the school to talk to them, I started getting a little bit worried that it was all an elaborate April fools day prank.  It was real though so everything is ok.

Thursday: I went bowling with some friends that came to hang out with me for my birthday.  Which was unexpected and awesome.  Then I went and did a set at the ThunderBar nm/nm open mic.  I just asked the crowd questions and responded to them.  It was weird and sort of fun.

Friday:  This was my actual birthday.  So I got Indian food for lunch with my good friend Jim, then I got coffee with my good friend Rick.  Then I relaxed for a little bit before going out and catching the end of the show at Laugh Boston where Dan St. Germain was headlining.

Saturday:  I recorded a podcast with Dan St. Germain.  That will be out later this week.

See I really gook it easy this last week.

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