Working Comic. Gaining Momentum…. I think. – by Shawn Carter.

fount650It seems as though I’m gaining some momentum.  I’m getting booked more often and by more people.  The open mics that I run are becoming more popular.  Things are going pretty good.  I think my next goal should be starting a new show somewhere.  If I could get a weekly showcase going where I could just book the best comedians I know to perform on a weeknight that would be ideal.  So I’m going to start looking into that.  Meanwhile, I’ve ordered some postcards for the Tuesday night show at Stadium so that I can try and promote the show around town.  I’d like to get more audience there and less comics.  I think all the comics that come to the show are great but I’d like for it to be more of a crowd of comedy fans and I’d also like to be able to finish the open mic by 10 and start the comedy debates at 10:15 but this is more of a long term goal that will take many weeks.  I believe the show could evolve in that way though.

But what happened during the week??  Ok, Ok, I’ll tell ya.

Monday – I hosted comedy at Sally O’Briens in Somerville.  There were 51 comics on the list.  We got every one of them on stage before the show ended.  That was a long night.

Tuesday – I hosted comedy at Stadium in Quincy.  43 comics on this list and another 10 people there just hanging out and watching the show.  This room was packed.  Next week I’m hoping we have 33 comics and 20 people there just to watch the show.  That might be asking a bit much for a one week change though.

Wednesday – I did a set at The Tavern at the End of the World.  Then I went to the gym because I finally got rid of that cold that had been keeping me away for two weeks.

Thursday – I got to perform on a killer line up that included Dan Boulger, Gary Petersen and Shaun Bedgood.  The show was at the Armory in Somerville.  Ethan Marsh did a fantastic job of putting the show together as he does every month.  If you ever get a chance to check it out it’s the third thursday each month.

Friday – During the day I met up with my friend Jim Akiba who helps me out a lot with the Stadium show.  We went through some video footage from the show and then he put together a short video for Stadium.  After that I went and met up with Rick Canavan for some coffee.  I didn’t have a show Friday night.  I sat around and wasted time on my computer for most of the day.  Posted a stand up shot to reddit that no one seemed to like then went out and met up with some comics after their shows.

Saturday – I did two shows this night both in the same place.  I was at a venue called 7 central in Manchester By The Sea.  The place is great.  Since I arrive an hour and fifteen minutes early I grabbed a seat at the bar and had myself a cheeseburger.  I would recommend it to a friend.  I wanted to get the pan seared duck but that was a little more pricey than the cheeseburger so I decided to keep it simple.  The comedy room is run by a guy with some deep and long lasting connections in the comedy world.  You might even say that he was Boston’s first connection to comedy (nudge, nudge).  Anyway, I was asked to do 20 minutes squeaky clean.  No problem.  One show I would open and the other I would middle.  Great.  Joey Carroll was the other comedian that was switching between opening and middling with me.  Joey volunteered to open the first show.  The room was too packed for me to find a place to stand and watch Joey but from outside the room it seemed like the crowd loved him.  I went on second and the crowd was great, I felt like I was connecting with them.  At the end I introduced Steve Sweeney and he  crushed of course.

One the second show I had to go first.  Fair is fair.  I didn’t feel like the crowd liked me nearly as much.  I didn’t really feel like I was connecting with them.  They laughed and were nice but it just felt like something was missing maybe it was too clean.  I wanted to let loose a little bit but the deal was squeaky clean so that’s what I gave them.  After 20 minutes I was happy to introduce them to Joey Carroll and when I shook his hand my work day was over, which is a nice feeling.

Then as I was leaving my girlfriend called me and told me to come to a party she was attending.  I said “alright” and headed in that direction.  When I got there two women greeted me at the door and seemed very surprised and not very happy to see me.  As I got inside I realized it was ladies night.  There was not one other guy in the house.  All these women were sitting around drinking wine and talking shit about us, of course they don’t want me there.  Next thing I know they’re all chanting “take off your clothes”.  Oh man I would like to make a quick exit.  No, no, it’s cool the other guys are on their way over they told me.  I’d like to apologize on behalf of all men that have ruined girls night but you need to tell us that’s what’s happening, you can’t just tell us to come over.

Sunday – We threw a surprise party for that same girlfriend that surprised me with that party the night before.  She seemed very surprised and she has a lot of great friends that came to the party even traveling from other states to be there.  Happy 29th Phoebe.

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