Working Comic: Cancelled Gig. – by Shawn Carter.

fountainWhat’s the worst thing that can happen in comedy?  Well, before I quit my day job I thought it was a rough crowd.  Now that I rely on comedy to pay the bills I’d have to say a cancelled gig is the worst thing that can happen.  This past week was sort of rough in that regard as I had a gig lined up that I thought was going to be my best pay day of the week and instead it was cancelled out-right.  Now, I’ve got no qualms with the people booking the room or running the venue.  They’ve been good to me over the past year and I’m sure if they call the show off it’s for good reason.  Maybe it had to do with NFL playoffs happening on the same Saturday night as the show.  Maybe it was something else.  Either way I’m not gonna hold it against the folks that run the room.  It’s just disappointing and now I’m going to have to find that money somewhere else.  Well, looks like I need to work a little harder trying to land some other gigs.

But how was the rest of the week???   Calm down, geeze… I’m about to tell ya..

Monday – I hosted Sally O’Briens.  It was a great group of comics that came to be part of the show but I felt like crap as I was still trying to beat a cold.

Tuesday – I hosted the show at Stadium in Quincy.  This is quickly turning into the best open mic I’ve ever seen.  The group of comics that come to this show are so funny and they stick around and watch each others sets and everyone gets food and drink which helps us keep the bar happy.  I’m hoping the debate portion can become a little more popular, since it’s the best part of the night but most comics are tired and leave once the open mic ends at 10pm.   But if you want to come check out the comedy debate, you can show up at 10pm and see some of the funniest stuff that happens in this city all week, and these comics are making it all up as they go.

Wednesday – Headlined the show at the Shaskeen in Manchester New Hampshire.  It was about Zero degrees outside.  I think that was the reason the crowd was a little smaller than it normally would be in that room.  It was a great show nonetheless.  Nick Lavallee and David Carter book solid shows every week and if you are near the Shaskeen I would recommend going there every single Wednesday.

Thursday – No show.  I just sat around and watched a great movie about mullets.  A movie which I will give away as a prize to the winner of the debate at Stadium tomorrow night.

Friday – Did a really fun show at The House of Blues, Foundation Room.  Put together and hosted by a guy named Spanky, already that’s fun right?  On top of that he booked a bunch of really great newer comics to perform 5 minute sets and then I got to do 20 minutes before the whole thing was closed out by the hilarious Shaun Bedgood.

Saturday –  Show was cancelled.  Bummer.  Watched the Patriots, at least that went well.

Well… I hope to see you all at Stadium at 10 pm tomorrow night (Tuesday) for the debates!  Try the Buffalo Chicken Pizza it’s terrific.

Thanks for reading.

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