Swiss Ball Jack-Knife. The True Meaning of Christmas. -by Shawn Carter.



It’s Christmas time which means there’s a lot of talk about Jesus and forgiveness.  But do you know what wasn’t forgiving?  The slab of rock on which Jesus had to do his sit-ups.

We have all seen paintings of Jesus and we understand him to be a good looking man with an above average fitness level.  Often I wonder though, what if he didn’t look anything like those paintings?  What if he was ugly?  What if that was his cross to bear?  You know, and then the actual cross later.

I don’t think that was the case however.  I fully buy into the idea that Jesus was a good looking dude with great abs.  In fact I would go as far as to say that I believe that’s how yelling “JESUS!” became a common way to convey a feeling of surprise.  There was Jesus just acting all humble and then he takes off his robe to reveal his glistening righteous abs and all twelve apostles at once exclaimed “JESUS!”.  And the phrase stuck from there.  Well maybe it went away for a couple of days but then returned again.

Why do I believe Jesus was an attractive man?  Simply because people followed him.  People want to follow good looking healthy people.  And Jesus knew this.  That’s why he did all of those sit ups.  And it didn’t stop there.  He also did the plank, side plank and Swiss Ball Jack-Knife.  This guy knew his stuff.

How did he stay motivated?  Some of you may ask “It’s hard to stay motivated.  How did Jesus do it?”.  My feeling is that he would give himself small goals and rewards for completing those goals.  For example, maybe one day he lays down on a hill somewhere so he’s got a good set up for decline crunches.  Then he has lepers kneel on his toes and when he completes a sit up he could touch the leper and heal him.

Jesus was also on this fish oil kick before it was cool.  Oh yeah, everyone knows now that Omega 3, which is prevalent in fish, is key to health and fitness as well as brain function.  But Jesus was chomping on cold blooded vertebrate before scientists said it was good for you.


Now in the true spirit of Christmas I’m buying all of my family and friends a copy of 8 minute abs.  It only takes 8 minutes but the payoff could last an eternity.  It’s what Jesus would want.

Merry Holidays, whatever you celebrate I hope you’re all healthy and happy and spending time with loved ones.

-Shawn Carter.

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