Top 5 Movies to watch at Christmas with your In-Laws in Tennessee

For the second consecutive year I spent Christmas with my wife at her parents house in Tennessee.  We stayed for about a week.  It seems as though we watched a movie every night so I’ve put together a list of the best movies we watched together this year.

Top 5 movies I’ve watched with my in-laws over Christmas Vacation.

  1. Private Life
    Pro: This was a genuinely good movie with a lot of laugh out loud moments.  And although it’s about a couple of creative types that don’t have kids at an age where the window of opportunity is closing quite quickly my wife’s parents didn’t even ask us about our thoughts on children.
    Con: Graphic sexual content within the first few minutes. I mean full on porno mode. Not ideal for first Christmas with in-laws, definitely wait until your second Christmas together.
  2. Love Actually
    Pro: You all get to talk about how charming Hugh Grant is even though he’s probably not a very good person you can’t help but like him.
    Con: You have to watch all the bad storylines that should have been left out of the movie like Rick Grimes making a move on his best friends wife and that idiot kid moving to the U.S to get laid.
  3.  When the Moors Ruled in Europe
    Pro: You can learn stuff with your new father-in-law while your wife and mother-in-law are out shopping.
    Con: It’s a two part series for a reason but you’ll watch it all in one sitting because you don’t want to tell your neurologist father-in-law that your attention span is running low.
  4. Elf
    Pro: It’s fun.  Everyone will enjoy it. Simple, silly, christmas movie.
    Con: The ending to this movie is real dumb but hey this movie is ridiculous.
  5. Maps to the Stars
    Pro: There are none.  This movie is terrible. Play monopoly, charades, twister instead. Seriously, anything else.
    Con: Eventually you’ll learn that it’s supposed to be a dark comedy.


Well that’s my top five movies to watch with your new in-laws over christmas break while in Tennessee.  Join me next week for my top three board games to play while visiting sick patients during easter in Oklahoma.

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