Faux News: North Korea threatens to strike South Korea; South Korea threatens to release sequel to “Gagnam Style”

Santa being f-ing badass!!!!

Faux News by Scott Oddo

Todays Headlines:

Santa reveals naughty list down by 30% since he started drone strikes

Robin Roberts subtly reveals sexual orientation by posting on Facebook that she “really, really loves the WNBA”


Top Story:
North Korea threatens to strike South Korea. South Korea threatens to release sequel to “Gagnam Style”.

Last week North Korea threatened to “mercilessly” attack South Korea “without notice” in a fax sent to the South Korean military. Initially the South Koreans did not notice the fax as it was in the fax bin beneath an offer for a free 3 day cruise in the Bahamas and an ad for life insurance.


The fax was addressed to the President of South Korea and made reference to demonstrations in South Korea on the anniversary of the death of North Korean President Kim Jong-il. Current President of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, was very upset that the demonstrators burned pictures of his late father and held up posters saying Dennis Rodman was over rated.

The fax was just the latest example of erratic behavior by the ever unpredictable Kim Jong-un.

Earlier that week, Kim had his uncle executed for pinching his cheeks.

And it was a similar outburst by Kim Jong-un three months ago that caused South Korea to drop Kim from their T-Mobile Family and Friends plan, leaving them with fax machines as their Seoul means of communication.

The President of South Korea, whose name is not important enough to mention in news articles despite the fact that she is the first female President of South Korea, was pretty sure Kim’s latest outburst was just more empty rhetoric given the lack of troop movements in the North. However she issued a stern response. “We will not hesitate to defend ourselves by releasing another single from PSY.

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