Comic in Residence: Week 3

Another week another 6 shows at the comedy studio. Here’s the recap.


Recorded a podcast with the hilarious Sean Sullivan, then went to The Comedy Studio and had a fun show…


Hosted the show at the Studio as the CIR does on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Rick Canavan tells me I should probably open the show with a set that is 10 minutes or less. I ask if I can get a light to indicate how long I’ve been on-stage. He says “Yup! When do you want the light?” I say “9 minutes” he says “OK”. I go on-stage and at a certain point feel like it has definitely been more than 9 minutes. I feel like the crowd is anxious to see a new face on-stage. I tell one last joke get a laugh and introduce the first act. When I get off the stage I check the clock and realize I opened the show with a 16 minute set. I go to the booth and Rick Canavan is not there. Instead he is in the corner of the room eating chinese food and saying something like “What? I said you could get a light, I didn’t say I would give you the light.” Do not go to Rick’s show on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Castlebar unless you like comics that lead you to believe they will do something that they in fact have no intention of doing. Although maybe you should go because Andrew Mayer co-hosts that show and he is awesome.

2nd paragraph Sunday Show: Why is this one day so long? Oh yeah because I am needlessly extending it by asking myself questions and then answering them at length. Isn’t that true? Yes.

3rd paragraph Sunday Show: Oh get over it, the 2nd paragraph was short. Anyway, during the show Chris Pennie mentioned that one in ten people are gay and one in a thousand comics “make it”. So conveniently it turns out that the last two comics on the show were a gay man and a comic that has “made it”. I introduce the penultimate performer by saying “These next two guys are both statistical anomalies, I’ll let you figure out which one’s which.” People laugh and I thought I heard someone in the back say “….the best”. As it turns out it was the comic that has made it and he was actually saying “that bastard”. That comic is Gary Gulman and he’s hilarious, if for some reason you have never seen him, look him up and get your ass to one of his shows. You will not regret it.

4th paragraph Sunday Show: Just kidding guys.

Monday: No show.


Softball is rained out and so I do the Magic Show. There was one person in the audience that found me very funny. I think the rest found it an unwelcome distraction from their magical night. I don’t know how to deal with this crowd.


Crazy show, James Creelman is a lot of fun and has a great set. Another comic has not such a great night. For this person I won’t mention a name but they had a lot of friends in the audience that weren’t doing them any favors and everything seemed to go wrong including the wire falling out of the microphone of course. I kept trying to leave this show but it was like trying to turn away from a horrific car crash where some people are dialing up 911 while others run past them on fire. Yeah it was that kind of night.


Sean Sullivan’s show. He’s very good at being funny. I think I left this show early. Need to sleep.


My wife actually comes to the show with me, she talks briefly with Sasha the Russian (she speaks English but mostly in insults to me) about one of the worst T.V shows ever created. My set gets some laughs but I’m getting bored with some of the jokes.

Well that’s it, sorry it’s so late but I’ve had almost no time and I should actually be sleeping instead of writing this right now, so I’ve got to go. Hope to see you all during my last week at The Comedy Studio as Comic in Residence.



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