Working Comic: Back in Boston. – by Shawn Carter.

standupshotTo be honest I can’t wait for Sept. 7.  That is when I will write my final installment of “Working Comic”.  At that point it will be one full year since I left my day job and I think I’ll move on to writing a different kind of article for this site.  Maybe I’ll do “Working Comic” monthly instead of weekly but I find it difficult to believe that I have enough to say about myself 50 times in a year that it is actually interesting for anyone else to read.  So, with that in mind, here is what happened during my VERY interesting week.

Monday:  Of course I hosted the open mic comedy show at Sally O’Briens.  It’s happening again, and again and again, every week.

Tuesday:  I hosted the comedy show at Stadium.  I was almost completely lost since Jim Akiba was away on vacation this week but luckily I had plenty of help from Sean Rosa setting up the room.  Meanwhile, Rick Canavan was running what sounded like an incredibly fun writers workshop in the green room.

This location is so great whether you are driving (free parking in abundance) or taking the T (one block from the Quincy Center stop.  That’s why I’m so excited that the owner has decided to take comedy to the next level and add Saturday shows.  Starting Sept. 26 with our big Myq Kaplan show (Last Comic Standing, Conan, Comedy Central)  and moving forward from there we will have comedy in Quincy Center every Saturday that there is not some crazy expensive function booked in that room.

Wednesday:  I closed out the show at The Comedy Studio.  It was a really great crowd.  Nice to see people coming out midweek in August to see comedy.

Thursday:  I took the night off.

Friday:  I featured (30 minutes in the middle of  the show) at Dick Doherty’s Comedy Escape in Worcester.  The audience was nice even though it mostly consisted of women and about a quarter of the audience was a bachelorette party and I continuously talked about divorce.

Saturday:  Another night at Dick Doherty’s and this crowd was even nicer than the night before.  Overall a really fun weekend.

So there you have it another week done.  Just four more left and then we can forget all about this blog.  If you have been following it though,  thank you.  Hopefully I can come up with a new idea for a weekly article soon.

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