Working Comic: Some History of Sally’s. – by Shawn Carter.

Hey everyone.  Happy Marathon Monday.  Happy 420.  Happy New Blog Day.

I had a show every single night this week.  So let’s talk about it.

Monday:  I hosted the comedy open mic at Sally O’Briens.  The official name of the show is “Cheapshots Comedy”, and before that it was called “Titter’s Comedy”.  I had no hand in naming the show.  When I started performing, the show was hosted by Dan Hirshon and Myq Kaplan and I guess they decided to call it Titter’s.  I remember I found out about the show through MySpace because Dan Crohn had posted about it on his page (I was not in his top 8).  I used to go to Titter’s every week and I’d bring my girlfriend at the time and other friends that were looking for something to do.  I always made sure to be there at least 15 minutes early and I remember apologizing to Dan Hirshon when I didn’t do well because I felt like I ruined his show and he would just tell me not to worry about it.   Now sometimes I get new people apologizing to me when they think their set didn’t go well and I tell them they will “NEVER MAKE IT IN THIS BUSINESS!”,  just kidding of course.  I tell them to relax, this show is for practice.  You’re not supposed to do great every time you’re there.

After a few years Dan moved to New York City and Myq hosted the show by himself.  Then not too long after that Myq also moved to New York and left the show to Josh Gondelman.  Josh must have been the one to change the name to Cheapshots, although I don’t remember when the change happened exactly.  I do remember Bryan MacAuslan created a special drink for the show called the “Cheapshot”.  I don’t remember what was in a “Cheapshot” but I know it didn’t cost much money.

So Hirshon makes films now, Kaplan has done a bunch of TV spots including Letterman and was a finalist on Last Comic Standing,  Gondelman is a writer for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, and I’m still here telling new comics where they can sign up on the list.  But someday one of those comics will run this show and hopefully I’ll be on to bigger and better things.  I might have to change the name of the show before I leave though.  Maybe Silly O’Briens.

Tuesday:  I hosted the comedy show at Stadium in Quincy.  All the comics were hilarious.  The audience was amazing and we gave away a brand new crock pot and a $20 gift card to Whole Foods thanks to Debi Braconi.

Wednesday:  I did a set on a really fun show that my friends Andrew Mayer and Will Smalley run at the Milky Way in JP.  The show is called Two Kids in a Trenchcoat and it’s silly and funny and fun and you should go see it sometime.

Thursday:  I closed the show at Halligan’s Tavern in Derry New Hampshire.  Such a fun room.  Can’t wait to get back up there again.  Thanks Sean Tumblety for having me on the show.

Friday:  I did a 15 minute spot on a benefit show set up by Doug Guertin for an organization called My Father’s House.  I was asked not to swear or make any sexual references or make fun of religion.  I thought it was gonna be a tough show but the crowd was great.

Saturday:  I featured on a benefit show set up by Dominic Salce.  The conditions were not ideal in the room.  I felt like if I talked into the mic too loud or moved I would get feedback through the speakers and I wish I had a better set.  Dominic is a super nice guy and I’m sure he’ll get it all figured out for his show next year and from what I understand they raise a good amount of money for their cause so that’s great, that’s what really matters.  I can handle a rough set.

Ok.. so that’s my week… Oh also I got the latest episode of the podcast published and you can now find it on iTunes.  Dan St. Germain was my guest this week.  Check it out:  Episode 8:  Dan St. Germain.


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