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*Every week (ish) Rick uses a random word generator to pick a topic, and rambles on about it using related stories, thoughts, and questionable facts he thought he heard somewhere.  Once finished he’ll look up the actual definition and see if he was in the ballpark.

Random word: T-Shirt

I love T-Shirts!  One of my most favorite things!  What better way to tell strangers what bands / wrestlers / sports you like?!

My definition:   Ok so a shirt is a piece of cloth that you put over your gross torso to hide any weird acne you have.  The T part comes from the sleeve length I think, the sleeves need to be short enough to give a hint of your sweet tats (tattoos) BUT not so short that they are completely visible.  You want people invading your space and pulling up your sleeves while asking about your ink and what it means.  You may be wondering what about long sleeve T’s, 3/4 length or sleeveless T’s?  Well, I don’t run the GAP, so ask someone else.

There is a Boston Comedy Softball league that plays every spring/summer and they design T’s every year for all the players.   I don’t play but I have years worth of them from attending the end of season parties in years past.  I stopped collecting them because the gentleman who hosts the party every year said some mean things about me because of my psoriasis, but hey, I hear that guys makes a lot of unsavory comments based on the color of people’s skin.

Eh, I never wanted to work in Saugus anyway...

Eh, I never wanted to work in Saugus anyway…


At the end of last year I sold a Comedy Studio T-Shirt on one of Ken Reid’s final Secret Menu show ( I have a lot of them from various issues over the years.)  He asked me to do the Damaged Goods Auction portion of the show and I figured that a fun way to send him off would be to talk at length about my love for the room he was about to leave.  It went for $10 but I had to throw in my first joke.  I would tell you the joke, but technically that would be stealing now.  More on that wonderful room in future weeks I am sure, because what else am I going to talk about?


Here are a few from my personal collection.

Here are a few from my personal collection.


I don’t know when my body got so misshapen (birth?) but the only T’s I can wear comfortably come from Old Navy.  Any other brand just feels like I am suffocating.  Because of this I am always having to bum people out when they ask what the logos on my shirts mean, and I have to tell them “Nothing, its just a bland, corporate, meaningless image.”


My Momma is gonna love these!


I used to work summers at a Girl Scout Camp (yes, I was a registered Girl Scout for 5 years) and I would always have to cut the sleeves off of band / wrestling shirts to be comfortable.  This look is now referred to as “wearing a Scotty Lombardo cosutme.”





 [tee-shurt]  –(note: thanks,
1. a lightweight, usually knitted, pullover shirt, close-fitting and with a round neckline and short sleeves, worn as an undershirt or outer garment.

Yeah, T-shirt, we all get it.  Now, please…   let’s all get “Scotty Lombardo Costume” spread around Boston.

Rick Canavan is a stand up comedian. You can see him host a pretty fun show every Friday night at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square.

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      Agreed. Rick thought I wouldn’t notice but I totally noticed that he stopped telling us what words meant.


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