The Random Word Generator Diaries: Abracadabra


*Every week (ish) Rick uses a random word generator to pick a topic, and rambles on about it using related stories, thoughts, and questionable facts he thought he heard somewhere.  Once finished he’ll look up the actual definition and see if he was in the ballpark.


Random word: Abracadabra

I have no idea what the definition is, or how it could even have one.  It’s a fake word that someone made up for magic.   That’s a description of the word but not a definition, because I don’t think it means anything.  I wouldn’t even classify it as a word, more of a sound that reminds you of that Bugs Bunny cartoon in Transylvania.   


Newport News!


I have a feeling that this is one of those “words” that gets added to the dictionary because lexicographers are desperately clinging to relevancy, so they add silly words from pop culture in actual culture.  This is happening more and more every year, and it is ridiculous.  Look up Po-Po (police) in the dictionary because it’s there.  So are sexting, bromance, and OMG.  I’m glad I don’t work for Oxford English, it would break my heart to hear in the morning meeting that we need to breakdown the meaning of LMFAO for posterity. 

It is possible that if we are going to include these as words, they could cross over language barriers.  Someday in the future because of “YOLO” we could all speak the same language, be able to understand each other better as human beings, and sound like fucking idiots.      
I suppose you could use abracadabra in a sly way to let them know that you would like to reach out and grab them (Hi, Steve Miller!)  Can you imagine if the cat call video that was viral a few weeks ago was just men yelling magic words at that woman for 10 hours?  “Hocus Pocus…  Wingardium Leviosa…   You should smile more.”  Would that seem more or less threatening?  I’m not sure, but it’s a lot more fun.  Someone make a parody video, it’s ripe!



Pretty sure that’s a deathly hallow that she covers the camera with…


I was never a fan of that Steve Miller song.  Then I saw “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.”  Not the best movie, but it’s watchable and cute-funny.  Thing is I love the song now.  Maybe I never gave it a fair shot, but this happens to me a lot.  I cannot tell you how many gross songs I really love because of media attachment.  There are loads of songs by Kid Rock, Creed, Saliva and similar bands that should elicit headaches, but instead I get a warm feeling of nostalgia because the WWE were amazing at editing video packages together in the early 2000s.



I am friends with a good amount of magicians.  I used to perform and hang out at the Mystery Lounge a lot after my residency at the Comedy Studio in 2009, so it makes sense.  Still it’s pretty weird that if I needed to ask an insider about magic, I have to choose which professional magician in my contacts to call…   I mean we aren’t all inviting each other over for dinner parties or anything but they are still my friends.  (I bet dinner at Joe Howard’s house is exhilarating, plus you’d never get scurvy.)  I admit, that is a very inside joke,  but who’s even reading this anyways?


Hi Joe!

It sure beats working at that button factory.



noun \ˌa-brə-kə-ˈda-brə\

1:  a magical charm or incantation
2:  unintelligible language
Ok so, no real definition. It still doesn’t say what abracadabra means.  It’s kind of frustrating that it is included in the dictionary, but the definition is basically just “a bullshit word that means nothing.”  I was really hoping it would only direct me to a Wikipedia page, but whatever.  I guess I will just have to deal with a cop out.
If at this point you are still reading this, thank you for reading this.    



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