The Random Word Generator Diaries: Professional

*Every week (for the most part) Rick uses a random word generator to pick a topic, and rambles on about it using related stories, thoughts, and questionable facts he thought he heard somewhere.  Once finished he’ll look up the actual definition and see if he was in the ballpark.

random word: Professional

Am I a professional comedian?  I would like to think so.  It kind of comes down to what exactly defines what a professional is.  This is discussed over and over again by newer comics of when one can be called a comedian and when one can be called a professional.  Here is where I stand with my career.

– Am I paid regularly for performing?  Yes!  That is a big step. 

– Do I make a living off of it?  No!  That is almost unfathomable to me!

– Do I have credits?  Yes!  I have performed in some cool festivals and done some cool stuff. 

– Have I been on television?  No!  Cable Access doesn’t count!

– Am I respected by my peers? Depends who you ask!  I am both liked, loved, disliked and hated amongst other comedians in my region.

 – Are the ones who don’t respect me just jealous?  I’d like to think so! 

– Is this turning into a half-cocked, off-topic, bitter rant?  Yes!  That’s kind of the point of this article.

But if I am not a professional comedian, what am I?  I have been a comedian for almost ten years, I certainly have not held any other profession as long.  Here is a list:

  • Paperboy
  • Grill Cook (for 45 minutes)
  • House Painter
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Job Coach

I do not define myself as these things so I suppose I am either a professional comedian or a professional nothing.  Maybe they are not mutually exclusive.  WHO AM I !?!


Of, relating to, or connected with a profession.
A person engaged or qualified in a profession.


The debate rages on!

Rick Canavan is a stand up comedian. You can see him host a pretty fun show every Friday night at the Comedy Studio in Harvard Square.

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