Anticipation of a Comedian

Shawn Carter spitting up water.

Shawn Carter spitting up water.

Hi fans of comedy.  I usually don’t write on Wednesdays but we had a hole in our schedule and what the heck I’ve got something I can write about.  Tonight (Nov. 12)  I’ll be performing in the Boston Comedy Festival at 9pm.

So I guess I would just like to talk here about some of the things going through my head as the hour approaches.  First of all, money.  I’m spending a lot of time thinking about the prize money and how much that would help me get by on just comedy.  Then I think about the credit.  If a person wins the Boston Comedy Festival a lot of other doors open for them.  Then I think about the competition.  The preliminary round starts with 96 performers from all over the country and hundreds more that submit to it don’t get into the Festival.  And their are some really great comics that don’t get in.  So I know I’m up against some tough competition.  Of the 96 comics only 24 move on to the semi final round and of those 24 only 8 move on to the finals AND OF THOSE 8 only 1 comedian wins the cash prize of $10,000.  Soooo I have got my work cut out for me.

Here’s an interview with myself:

Are you confident?

Yes.  I think as much as anybody can be when they are being judged and there are also variables at play that are out of that person’s control.  For example what number I draw and when I go onstage.  Every year I see at least one amazing comic that either takes the bullet or follows someone that had a rough set and it seems to make it more difficult to move on.  I’d say in most prelims I watch there are usually 5 comics that I think could move on based on crowd reaction and the festival only moves 3 of them on to the semi finals so a little thing like having to warm up the crowd either in the first place or again can really hurt.

Do you know what jokes you’re going to do?

Of course.  Last year heading into the night of my prelim I was still trying to figure out which jokes to do.  This year I’ve been much more decisive and I’ve been looking forward to my prelim all week.

What would you do with the money?

Well, I promised someone I’d by a hawk.  But that may be impractical.  I’d have to ask my land lord if we’re allowed to have pets and then hope the answer is no.  However if I did have a pet I would love for it to be a hawk.

Seriously though?

Ok, I’d put the money in the bank and use it as needed in the future to pay bills.  Comedy is a difficult thing to make a living at so I’d love to have that buffer zone between guy with an apartment and homeless guy.

What are your odds of winning it all?

Well, 18 comics have already moved on to the semifinals and 24 comics are still left in the prelims that means there’s 42 left in the Festival.  I’d say my odds are 1 in 42 which is much better than earlier this week when my odds were 1 in 96.

How does someone purchase tickets to the show tonight?

You can purchase tickets here.  Or just show up and buy tickets at the Davis Square Theater tonight.  I’m on the 9pm show.

Shawn Carter

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