Working Comic: Week 3, Still at it.

This is not Jay-Z

Shawn Carter

This was a great week for me.  Lots of shows.  I worked at the biggest club in Boston all weekend and made some money but I just can’t get that drunken woman’s voice out of my head ringing out the words over and over again. She said…..



After being up all night Sunday writing I decided to sleep in on Monday.  But I was able to post a new ‘Working Comic’.  Hooray I accomplished one of my weekly goals.

Monday Night:

Of course I was hosting Sally O’briens in Somerville as I do each Monday night at 7:30 pm.  (with the exception of this coming Monday Sept. 22 as I’ll be at ‘Laugh Boston’ auditioning for the NBC show Last Comic Standing. [wish me luck])

Anyway, We have a lot of fun at Sally O’briens and here’s a clip of some of that fun.  Tyler Morrow is one of our regulars and here he is trying out a new joke that I thought was really funny.


Most of the day was spent buying a shirt.  Shirts are very important in comedy.  If you don’t have a shirt they won’t let you on stage.

Tuesday Night:

I hosted the open mic at Stadium Sports Bar and Grille in Quincy.  Lots of great comics came out to try out some jokes or put a polish on older jokes.  It was a great vibe all night and at the end of the open mic I ran the debate that we have at Stadium every Tuesday.

During the debate we learned that:

1.  Bulldogs are better than Pugs.

2.  It’s better to eat spiders than pizza.

3.  Massasoit Community College is better than M.I.T

4.  Given the choice it would be better to have “no teeth” than “no thumbs”.

5.  Sometimes I write bad debate topics by our comics always come through with great arguments.

If you would like to see how we came to the conclusion that “no teeth” is better than “no thumbs”.  You can check out Ryan Bourassa’s video which is linked below.  Also in the video Mike Settlow.


I finished up some projects I was writing.  Sent out some emails.  That sort of thing.

Wednesday Night:

I did a set at The Tavern at the End of the World, thanks to Phoebe Angle.  Then watch Myq Kaplan close the show at The Comedy Studio.  Then did another set at The Middlesex Lounge, thanks to Rob Crean.


So much writing.  I felt like everything was clicking.  Writing debate topics for Stadium.  Writing jokes for myself.  Things were going great.

Thursday Night- Saturday night:

Hosted multiple shows at Laugh Boston.  Orny Adams was the headliner and he was slaying audiences all weekend.  Will Noonan was great in the feature spot and I had a lot of fun hosting and Orny was super nice to me all weekend, and his fans were great.  I was more than happy to take pictures with some people from the audience after the show.  And all kinds of people were saying very nice things to me BUT….. there was one lady… that may have had a few martinis.  What she said to me was “you were good, how did you get that job?”  and I said “I do comedy and sometimes people ask me to open shows.”  Then she said “Do you ever think about doing it professionally?”  OH dagger right through the chest.   Oh by the way, I get paid for this.  And after a great night with an abundance of compliments handing out my card to people that were really cool and said they’d like to come see me again, this is all I can think of over and over again.  “Do you ever think about doing it professionally?”.

Some people get song lyrics stuck in their head, I get non flattering statements stuck in there and sometimes it even syncs up with music, and I wake up with the words echoing in my skull.

Orny really was awesome, and a very nice guy.  I’ve been asked by a couple of people if that’s true or if I’m just being nice.  And it’s true.  He gave me praise over the weekend as well as useful advice and his performance was so good it’s hard not to admire what the guy does comedically.  Just watching him over the course of the weekend I think helped me step up my game a little bit.  A host is lucky to get to work with such a nice and helpful headliner.  And I hope he comes back to Boston again soon.

If you’d like to come see me at a show soon.

Here’s my schedule this week:

Sept 22:  Laugh Boston.  9:30.  Last Comic Standing Audition Show.

Sept 23:  Stadium, Quincy.  Open mic and Debate.  Open mic at 8pm.  Debate at 10pm.

Sept 25:   Empire, Portland Maine. 9pm.  $6 with Louis Ramey and Travis Curran.

Sept 26: The Comedy Studio, 8pm

Sept 27: iTVfest, West Dover, Vermont.

And of course if you live in Lowell.  By all means please check out our big UnScene Comedy Show there in December.

Tickets available here.

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