Working Comic: Headlining Vermont!

Shawn Carter goofing around in Vermont.

Shawn Carter goofing around in Vermont.

This was an exciting week for me.   I ran the gamut of shows, doing everything from the shortest set I can imagine (3 minutes) to the longest set on a show (45 minutes.).  Auditioning for network TV at the beginning of the week and attending an independent film festival (iTVfest) at the end of the week.

So let’s go through the week one day at a time.  At this point I’ve given up keeping track of my days.  It’s sufficient to tell you that I stay busy all day everyday, writing, editing, and creating content for the web.  So let’s talk about the nights.





I skipped Sally O’Briens Comedy for a big audition for network TV at Laugh Boston. During the audition I was only allowed to do 3 minutes of comedy.  Whenever I have an audition it brings back a nervousness that I haven’t felt in years (or since the last audition).   It was a fun night though.  I had a some friends and family that came to watch the show and support me and I’m very thankful for that.  I was happy with my set.  I got laughs while doing the jokes I wanted to do.  All while just hoping that no one could see my heart pounding out of my chest like a cartoon wolf that just saw a sexy lady walk by.

Over the course of the night, the TV show producers saw 42 Boston comedians plus there was a ton of talented comics that weren’t on the audition that came to support their friends.  So it was a great night to hang out no matter what happened.    Some very deserving comics got a call inviting them to NYC for a second audition.  I was not one of them but I tip my hat to those that have moved on to the next level and I wish them well.


This was really fun.  I hosted the open mic and debate at Stadium in Quincy.  Each week it just keeps getting better.  We have a great group of comics that come to this mic and it’s such a good time.  We had some spirited debates and Chris Nakis walked away the victor this week.

Here’s what we learned during the debate:

1. When hunting a bear you should use a knife instead of a rifle. W – Mike Settlow.

2. Unicorns are better than Jackalopes. W – Mike Setlow.

3. Heroine is better to grow than Marijuana. W – Dave Stern.

4. It would be better to have two dads than two moms. W – Mike Settlow.

5. Maxi Pads are better than tampons. W- Chris Nakis.

6. The dark is more frightening than clowns. W – Chris Nakis.

7. Instead of giving a homeless person change you should give them your cell phone. W – Chris Nakis.

Here’s a video of one of the debates WARNING MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE AT WORK OR FOR CHILDREN.


I didn’t have a show scheduled, this was gonna be my night off but then at about 5 pm.  Nick LaVallee asked me if I wanted a short set at The Shaskeen in Manchester N.H.  Of course I want to work out some newish stuff in front of a good crowd whenever possible so I accepted the offer.  The crowd was great and I was able to get a decent feel for some new jokes I was working on.  Thanks to Adam Abelson for the ride to NH and thanks to Nick for putting me on the show.


I did a show in Portland Maine called The Nuclear Show.  It’s run at Empire by Travis Curran and man did he put together a great show.  The headliner that night was Louis Ramey and that guy is hilarious.

Here’s the first 30 seconds of my set.  This one is ok to play in front of anyone.


I was at The Comedy Studio and as always it was a really fun night.   Rick Canavan hosted the crap out of that show.

Here’s a clip from that show where I talk about working retail:


This night was the best.  I finally got back up to one of my favorite places to perform, Vermont.  I was headlining a show at the iTVfest in Dover Vermont.  Kevin Harrington, Brett Johnson and Anthony Scibelli did a really terrific job and the crowd was having so much fun by the time I got on stage all I had to do was keep that momentum going.

I did 45 minutes in front of a great crowd full of creative people.  The show was actually inside a tent that fit maybe 70 people and more were huddled around the entrance listening to the show.  Hay on the ground and beside the stage.  It was interesting and really fun.

Vermont is quaint.

Vermont is quaint.

After the show I got to rub elbows with all these actors and directors and writers that were in town for the festival.  It was a really great time.  Sunday I hung around for a while and checked out a bunch of the films, and I was really impressed with many of the projects.  iTVfest is a great time and if you can remember to check it out next year I would advise you to do so.

So in conclusion, TV doesn’t want me.  Creative people at independent film festivals seem to like me.  I’m not going back to a day job just yet.




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