My Weekend On Demand: Part I

Hey guys, you’ll never guess what I did this weekend. Nope. Nuh uh, that’s not it. Nice try, guess again. You’re way off idiot. Ahhh I’ll just tell you. I ordered my first movie on demand! I was nervous at first but it ended up being so cool and easy. Here’s what I did, I pressed the demand button on my remote control and then on the television screen a menu popped up. There were so many options you guys, it’d be easier for even a novice demander to get lost but it’s cool with God on your side and a couple of beers in your belly you’ll be good to go. Now I don’t remember how I got to where I wanted to go but I got there, I landed on Super on IFC on demand. This movie is in theatres but you can watch it on your tv! Be warned it does cost money. $6.99 to be exact. The best part about that though is if you’re like me and live with your parents, it just goes straight to their cable bill so it doesn’t even cost you a cent!

Let’s talk a little bit about the movie. I liked it. At first I was a little concerned that it’d be too similar to Kick-Ass which the beginning and ending were but there was some stuff in the middle that didn’t remind me of it. It’s actually a little more realistic than Kick-Ass which was weird because Kick-Ass was supposed to be a realistic movie about super heroes. Besides does it matter if someone makes a good movie that is similar to another good movie? I never heard anyone complain that B.A.P.S. was just like Frost/Nixon. Ellen Page displayed her trademark quirkiness but it wasn’t actually that annoying this time. I hope that “girls that work in comic books stores” becomes the new “naughty nurses” costume around Halloween. Rainn (there’s a character in Mortal Kombat named Rain) Wilson was great in it. Him and Ed Helms seem to be the only two people from The Office that can make a decent movie. The movie is rather violent so be warned. If you want to see a movie about real people trying to be super heroes and getting beat up give this a shot.

It’s crazy how fast we can get entertainment to us. It’s like oh I want a pizza and then boom 30 minutes later it there. But hey I can’t have my bread without my circus, well kapow there’s a movie on your television. Music in your ears, nasinex in your nose, and a tuxedo snuggie and you never have to leave home again. The technological evolutionical war is here and the lazies have won. To paraphrase the Roling Stones, “I can get satisfaction… pretty quickly in fact.”

In conclusion even though it’ll probably suck I can’t wait for the new Planet of the Apes movie!


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