My Weekend On Demand Part III: Freebies Jeebies!

Hey guy, guess what I did this weekend? Wow, that was not only wrong but pretty racist. I actually spent way too much money this weekend, so much so that I may have to misspell too, toooooooooo much money. What did I spend my money on, what else but comic books, that’s right I know last week we talked about comics because of Comic Con but we’re going to talk about them this week too because Saturday was Free Comic Book Day. It might sound kind of weird that I’d spend money on a holiday (yes it’s a holiday, flip off Memorial Day) that is entitled Free but let me explain how it works. On Free Comic Book day most companies will put out a couple of crappy reprints or short one-shots that usually aren’t that great and don’t have anything to do with anything that people can get for free and then usually everything else on the store is on sale, that’s where the money spending comes in if you idiots didn’t get where I was going with that.

I’ve been trying to save money lately so I didn’t really want to spend that much but it’s hard for me to resist a sale. It’s even harder for me to resist anything by Tim Sale but no need to go into that. I might as well buy this thing I don’t want now while it’s on sale instead of never buying it like I was planning to all along and that’s the story of how I got the trade for the latest incarnation of Batgirl. (that’s what the article was about right?)

I hate Free Comic Book Day, it’s way too crowded in the store. I like going every Wednesday to get my new comics. It’s usually just the store owner and I and we chat for a bit then I go home. On Free Comic Book Day, ehh I’m sick of writing the whole thing let’s just call it FCBD, it’s packed full of idiots grabbing free comics then never reading anything else for an entire year. I cannot understand that for the life of me, for me these things are so addictive how can you read them just once a year. It feels like you’re girlfriend inviting you to a party and then you get there and you don’t know anybody but they all know you’re girlfriend and are taking up all of her time and you wish you could just find a corner and read to yourself and no one really knows her like you do but for some reason she wants all the people there. What am I talking about, oh god I’m lonely. I also saw Thor this weekend, by myself which I don’t think that’s weird, so you guys should go see that because it was great. I apologize again I promise next week’s article won’t be about comic books, maybe it’ll be about… euthanasia? Or redwood trees, depends on which type of scientist I sleep with. (do I do that?)

So in conclusion, I’m pretty sensitive about my grammar, not sure if I’m really using all these commas and parenthesis correctly.

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