Comedy Shows Produced by UnScene



This is a comedy debate show that focuses on a new subject each week.  Hosted by UnScene Comedy Founder Shawn Carter. This unique show is performed and recorded live each week at Maggy’s Lounge in Quincy and later released as a podcast.  You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher or Podbean.

Previous episodes have focused on subjects such as Greek Mythology, U.S Cities, Nintendo, etc.

Each week comedians face off against each other debating the silliest questions we can think of based on the subject of the week.


“If everything you touched turned to gold like King Midas… Do you think you could go one week without touching yourself?”



Artwork by Jay Baggett

“Who would win in a fight: New York’s Statue of Liberty or all of the confederate statues in the southern states?”


Artwork by Mike Grimaldi

“Your pet gorilla gets loose and kidnaps your girlfriend and climbs atop a construction site, do you fight to get her back or re-activate OKCupid?”

Artwork by Anthony Massa

Shawn Carter

Maggy’s Lounge
609 Washington Street, Quincy


Every Friday, 7pm