My Favorite Mic: The Middle East Corner


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Every Tuesday night, the Middle East Corner is host to one of the longest running open mics in the Boston area. John Paul Rivera and Rob Crean put out the sign-up list around 8PM, and by 9PM they’re ready to put on the first of what is usually more than 50 comics. They usually don’t finish the night until 1 AM. If it seems insane to host a late-night marathon show on a Tuesday night, you now understand why comics love this open mic.

A staple of Boston comedy scene, the Middle East (#mideastcorn) is one of the most challenging mics around, which is exactly what you need to build your comedy muscles. The bar is usually loud and busy, and you’ll have to fight to be heard.  This is good practice for unruly bar shows where you need to win the audience’s attention.  It is also a great place to learn the difference between projecting your voice and shouting into the microphone (don’t do the second one). Of all the mics I’ve had good sets at (and believe me, there are at least three), a victory at the Mid East is always the most satisfying. You don’t get laughs here, you earn them.

But don’t get me wrong, the show is legitimately great. John-Paul and and Rob Crean are not only two of the best in comics in Boston, but also have great onstage chemistry; both are definitely people to watch and learn from.  Their riffing and energy makes what could be an exhaustingly long show into an amazing night of comedy.  This is probably why one of the largest groups of comics have been showing up every week for over 10 years.

Because of the size of this mic, I would recommend doing the pre-show signup online.  If you don’t, no worries, its still one of best mics to watch, and they usually host a twitter game or contest with #mideastcorn.  Also, they have a great staff, tip them well. But remember, if you want to command this room as well as its hosts, you’d better bring your best.

Article by Daniel McRobbie and Unscene Staff

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