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People want to lose weight for a variety of reasons. Some people are over-weight, and it’s effecting their health, so they have to shed pounds, while some just want to feel lighter when they look in the mirror, or try on pants. Some people just want to maintain. Weight-loss is a 20 BILLION dollar industry in America because we are fat as fuck!


While people are constantly battling the bulge for a many reasons, comics, like the ones on this blog, have an additional reason, persona.


As comics, concerning weight, we have heard this sentiment bounced around many a times over the years.  Not fat enough to be funny, not thin enough to joke about your weight…. hence the name of this blog, Kinda Fat Comics.  So, we are just kind of more or less stuck with just being a doughy piece of shit, and everyone has a joke about that.


So, we decided to do something about it, the best way we know how, by blogging about it as a group, in hopes to entertain you fine readers, with our struggles. Also, with gambling. Comics Scott Oddo, Shawn Carter, Sam Monk, Miguel Perez, PJ Westen, Tyler Swain and myself, Phoebe Angle, have put in $20 each (we are so poor, it’s sad) for a winner take all, by percentage weigh in, in April!


Now, laugh at our sadness.


Sam Monk 

There’s always been an issue with my weight but I’ve actually been losing weight for awhile now. In the past two years I’ve lost over 200 pounds which is almost as much as what I weigh now. As for this week, it’s been okay. I lost a few pounds. But I did start a new job where I’m basically sitting for eight hours a day so I’m worried that’s going to make it harder for me to lose weight. In order to balance that, I decided to really cut down on my calories.





Scott Oddo 

I’m actually finishing up my second week since I started a week ahead but here’s the summary of my first week. One of the reasons I’m doing the diet is that I am recovering from a back injury caused by an accident and I know having less weight to carry around will help.  Also, I’m trying to lose weight because I’m sick of being mistaken for Shawn’s dad.





Shawn Carter 

My New Year’s resolution was simply “Sweat more while moving.  Sweat less while sitting still.”.  I haven’t been as active as I would like and I’m hoping this incentive of shoving my success in other comedians faces will be enough for me to exercise more.





Tyler Swain 

I just feel fat all the time and I like competition. I have a few bits currently about being broke and eating tacos. Hopefully by the end of this I’ll have less weight, more cash, and some silly stories about smoothies and treadmills to tell strangers.


taco tyler


Miguel Perez

I want to lose weight because I’m cheap and don’t want to buy a new clothes.





Phoebe Angle

I find myself very attractive.  One of the many reasons I do comedy is because I am an ego manic.  As somebody who finds them self very attractive, I want other people to find me attractive. With a chin as weak as mine, plus an ass as strong as mine, I have to watch myself in the pounds department. I hate looking at pictures of myself, and not saying, “aw, I look great.”  And that is how I feel, right now.  Currently, I am the heaviest I have been since college. gross.



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