Remakes and Sequels! Have We Had Enough! – by Shawn Carter.

As I sit here, a young creative type that’s written dozens of pages of a single screen play I wonder, can’t we do better than remaking the same movies over and over again.  Is it not possible to come up with a new idea?  Do we need to base the entire movie industry on sequels and remakes?  If Hollywood would open it’s eyes and give something new a chance it could make my film about a young retail worker who has no real ambitions or struggle or conflict in his life but is just really tired of working retail.  But noooo, instead we’ve got to watch ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ .  35% on Rotten Tomatoes in case you were wondering.  While we all admire Jason Bateman’s work in ‘Dodgeball’, for which he should have received a god damned academy award you have to admit not everything he touches turns into gold.  I mean look at ‘The Switch‘.  (you’ll be the first).

I’m sure if my idea for a movie took off I could break all kinds of box office records.  Movies are all about what people can relate to.  Almost everyone can relate to working a shitty job for not nearly enough money.  Who can relate to being in space and fighting evil space overlords or visiting an island where dinosaurs (specifically from the Jurassic period) roam the Earth?  Nobody!  And yet these movies are still expected to make more money than my film (Cashier).  Why?  (Maybe because it hasn’t been made  and will never be made)  Because Hollywood doesn’t know a good thing when it’s stacking shelves and keeping to itself and not upsetting the natural order of things because it really needs to keep this job in order to survive.

Seriously though, I hope you will all avoid the sequel/remake trap this year and instead spend your money funding my movie project at GoFundMeBecauseI’mTooLazyToMakeMyOwnMoneydotorg.  If you donate $500 you get an official retail worker apron with the name of the movie on it.  (Cashier).

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2 thoughts on “Remakes and Sequels! Have We Had Enough! – by Shawn Carter.

  1. AvatarAndrew Hall

    There’s a saying in Hollywood about desirable projects: It has to be something the audience recognizes but with a twist.
    Obviously the twist isn’t as important anymore.


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