Debatable Comedy: Part 1.

Each Tuesday* at Stadium in Quincy we have a Debate at 10 pm in the back room.  Each week there is a different theme.  This week’s theme was “Movies”.

*No show 3/17 because of St. Patricks day.  We’ll be back 3/24 at 1opm.


In the video below we tackle such questions as:

“Would you rather go to outer space or ‘Inner Space'” (Inner Space)

“If you’re on your way to visit a friend is it ok to eat the chocolates you bought them while waiting for the bus?”  (Forrest Gump)

“What is the better movie, The Wrestler or Chocolat?” (The Wrestler, Chocolat)

“You have a pizza delivered to your house but forgot you don’t have any money.  How do you pay for the pizza?  Borrow money from your room mate or sex obviously? (Dirty movies)

Comedians:  Bill McMorrow, James Corbett, Sam Monk, Miguel Perez, Joe Buckley.

Video by James Akiba.

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