Accurate Comedy Posters

We here at UnScene aren’t just brilliant* writers. We are also brilliant stand-up comedians. Does being hilarious and brilliant matter in the comedy world? ABSOLUTELY NOT. But there is one thing that does matter: marketing.

As of late it’s become pretty popular for comedians to post their headshots with a list of their show dates online. These delightful little gems then pop up in your Facebook feed and reassure the world that they are indeed, doing the comedy and not drinking too much or disappointing their parents at all. Since I have a particular set of skills (graphic design skills, not rescuing my kidnapped daughter/wife/daughter again skills) I decided to make a few show promos for myself and the rest of the UnScene crew.

Here’s the first few. More to come next week!


...We're sort of here for you. Look...uh...everybody's journey is different.

…We’re sort of here for you. Look…uh…everybody’s journey is different.



...because self-help is for suckers

…because self-help is for suckers



In a way, aren't we all just picking for scraps? - Christa Weiss, Master Philosopher

In a way, aren’t we all just picking for scraps? – Christa Weiss, Master Philosopher



*By brilliant I mean not the worst. I am confident in the fact that we are not the worst.

Christa Weiss

Christa Weiss is the editor & web mistress at Christa performed in the 2014 Boston Comedy Festival and was the February 2014 Comic in Residence at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA. She participated in the inaugural Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, the Women in Comedy Festival, the She Dot Comedy Festival, the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, the Cleveland Comedy Festival and is a featured performer on Rooftop Comedy. She produces Broad Appeal Comedy Night, a female-focused comedy show in Boston. She also appears in commercials for the New England Sports Network (NESN).