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fountainAs a person with no job, I find Thanksgiving to be the best holiday of all.

“Hey Shawn, do you want to eat for free today and take home enough leftovers for the rest of the week?”

“Sure.  What do I need to do?”

“Just deal with screaming children, and adults that want to talk politics.”


I actually prefer to talk politics with the children and deal with screaming adults but a deal is a deal.

Here’s how the week went:

Monday – I hosted the open mic at Sally O’Briens in Somerville.  It was crazy busy as usual.  Tim McIntire dropped by to try out some new joke which was very exciting for me since he is one of my favorite comics.

Tuesday – Hosted Stadium in Quincy.  Special guest Emily Ruskowski told us a story about her experience meeting up with a brony at a Comic Con.  Look for that soon on the UnScene Comedy Podcast.  We also gave away a spot at a special Comedy Studio show, congrats to Wes Hazard on winning the spot.  And we did the comedy debates.  We’ve also started doing a caption contest on the Stadium Open Mic Facebook Group and the winner each week gets bumping rights at the show.

Wednesday – I wanted to try out a couple of new jokes so I went to the Tavern at the End of the World.  It was a cold and rainy night and with Thanksgiving coming up the next day I think less comics came out than usual but there was a bunch of audience so it’s a win.  Also, after getting in from the cold I sat next to the fireplace which is a luxury most open mics don’t afford you.

Thursday – Wake up, eat food, nap, eat food, repeat, repeat.  Thanksgiving is amazing.  At some point around 7 or 7:30 I thought about leaving my brother’s house and heading to the city to watch the show at The Comedy Studio because I had so many friends that were booked on the show.  But then I decided I was having too much fun and I see my comedy buddies a lot more than I see my family anyway.

Friday –  No show.   I’m pretty sure that I was in a food coma all day.  I was a vegetable, which is strange considering I avoided vegetables altogether at thanksgiving.

Saturday – No show.  Basically all I did all day was eat an entire apple pie and then spend 2 hours at the gym.

 I was worried the apple pie might not be the best fuel for the gym but Bill McMorrow told me “You know what the American Medical Association says about just one apple a day? And you ate a whole apple pie?  You’re good, dude.”  

After the gym I sat at home and watched World War Z and when that was over it was only 3 am so I decided to watch The Burbs.

Sunday – Lunch with my girlfriend (Phoebe) and some of her friends.  I was actually worried lunch was going to be expensive as we drove to the restaurant.  Then I started to calm down and think “Ok, it’s lunch.  Lunch isn’t that expensive.” Then they told me the name of the restaurant.  I had never heard of it but it was only one syllable, I thought that was a sure sign that everything was going to cost $30.  When we arrived I saw the prices and relaxed a lot.  Then Phoebe bought me lunch.  What a deal!

Sunday night I did two shows, The Comedy Studio, and ZuZu’s.  Both are in Cambridge so I was able to easily do both in the same night.  It was a bit of a light crowd at each but I think I learned a little bit by performing my material in front of these audiences.  Sometimes progress is painful.

Overall a pretty slow week for comedy and I’m lucky I got so much free food because I probably didn’t make enough money to eat.

Last night friend asked me how full time comedy is going.  I told him it really depends on how the show in Lowell goes this Saturday.  I know we booked a great show at Olympia Restaurant in Lowell.  I know that they have the best lamb in the world.  I know that the room is set up just right for comedy.  The only think in question now is how many people are going to show up.  If the show sells out, comedy will be going unbelievably well.  If the show is not well attended it will be a huge bummer and the financial equivalent of getting kicked in the sack (or if you’re a lady kicked in the shin.  That’s where you ladies keep your nuts, right?)

Anyway, if you would like to go to the show at Olympia Restaurant in Lowell, you can get your tickets online by clicking here.

Comedians that want to come to the show in Lowell just send me an email at

 Also, worth mentioning.  I did a podcast a week ago with Steven Gould before our show at Land Ho, it was fun and if you wanna check it out you can find it here.

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