Working Comic: The EASIEST money

Shawn Carter spitting up water.

Shawn Carter spitting up water.

Hi friends.  Gather ’round children (that means come listen to this story, not collect chubby kids).

I had a great unprofitable week.  Sometimes in comedy you get to have a really fun week but make no money.  It’s just how it goes sometimes.  As I was starting to worry about money and the future,  I saw a post someone made about a place in Medford that will pay you $40 a day for your…ummmmm….  solid waste.  I told my father about it and he was surprised and sort of grossed out “They’ll pay you $40 for your poop?”.  I said “Yes.  They actually use it to help treat sick people.”.  “How do they do that?” he asked, “I don’t know, I guess one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

335 Somerville Ave.  7:30

335 Somerville Ave. 7:30

Monday –  Another week of hosting at Sally O’briens.  It was a great time.  Lots of great jokes being tossed out there.  Lots of people laughing.  It warms my heart to see these new young comics getting so damn good so damn fast.

Tuesday –   Again, I get the honor of hosting the show at Stadium in Quincy.  Such a great time.  This room is so perfectly set up for an open mic/comedy night.  But it’s really the 20 or so comics that come that make it awesome.  Thanks guys/gals.


Wednesday – Holy crap one of my favorite new comics in Boston Mike Settlow hosted the mic at The Tavern at the End of the World.  I went there and talked about strippers,  it went great but I probably can’t use the story for anything but open mics.

Thursday – Patriots are playing Thursday night football?  I didn’t know that.  Oh man I have a show.  Oh well.  I’ll just watch it at the bar I guess.  (middle of the day, phone rings) My brother Tom “Hey man I got two free tickets to tonights game do you want to go?”  me “Uhhhh…. yeah but I can’t I have a show.”



I go to the show there’s a small crowd.  They don’t like me.  I should have gone to the Patriots game.  Well at least it wasn’t a great game, right?  Oh the Patriots blocked a field goal with 2 seconds left to win?!?  Damn.

I just had to sit at the bar thinking about what I passed up.

Friday – During the day I went out and did some yard work with my dad.  We had lunch and raked leaves it was an alright day.  After we finished raking we went inside and he retired to the men’s room.  When he came out he just grunted “hmmm…  that one had to be worth at least $40”.  Oh yeah, that’s where I get my sense of humor from, that guy.

Friday night – I didn’t have a show, so I invited Rich Karski over and with my room mate Scott Oddo the three of us watched the classic motion picture “Over The Top”.   I remember my father renting that movie when I was a kid and watching it with him.  At one point there’s a guy that drinks motor oil before an arm wrestling match.  When I was a child I asked my father “Why is that guy drinking oil?”  and my father responded “Because he’s a man.”



Saturday – Packed house at The Comedy Studio in Cambridge.  It was a good time.

Here’s a clip from that show.

Sunday – Misha Han was hosting at The Comedy Studio so he invited me to close the show.  I was more than happy to do so and while it wasn’t sold out it was a great crowd and a great line up.

Thanks for reading, I’m off to Medford to release a gold mine.*

*oh man not really.  That’s a joke and sort of a gross one.  However if I lived in Medford…. well nevermind.



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  1. AvatarDennis

    Is it just me or does anyone else thing that referee in “Over The Top” looks like Niraj Shah if he went to the gym? Or, I guess what Niraj could look like if he started going to the gym, like really hardcore.


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