Study finds that smoking crack cocaine is actually better for you than lifting with your back instead of using your legs.

Is smoking crack cocaine good for you?

“Probably not” says Dr. Christian McGonacle,  “But could it really be any worse for you than lifting something with your back instead of using your legs?  I doubt it.”

While Dr. McGonacle admits that he hasn’t “done any research or stuff like that”  he’s pretty sure that “a puff or two (of crack cocaine) won’t kill you, but back pain can f#$K you up for life.”

He continues “once I was helping my cousin Bob move from Quincy to North Quincy, maybe someday he’ll make it all the way to Southie,  anyway I lifted this safe that he had that he was also keeping all his dumbbells in and my back has never been the same.  Shoulda used my legs ya know”

And while Christian says he’s never himself smoked crack he points out “those guys are ripped, not a shred of fat on them.”

Well there you have it.  Make sure you always lift with your legs and only smoke crack in moderation.

-by Shawn Carter.

Shawn Carter

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  • This article has helped me in my tough times. I have now switched my addiction of lifting with my back, to smoking crack! And i can tell you, I feel a lot better. Thank you Shawn!! I will be sure to tell my whole community about your glorious words of wisdom!