Andrea Henry is My Favorite Comic (of the week)

andreaBefore I ever met Andrea Henry I had heard her name many many times.  People would mention her, “She’s so great”  “Oh Andrea is the best”  “Who doesn’t love Andrea?  She is SOOOO funny.”.  And other such nice things.  This would annoy me.  I thought, “who is this person and why does everyone think she’s so great?  Why doesn’t everyone talk about how great I am?  Should I even go to my Business Law class at Massasoit Community College today?”

Soon after this I met Andrea for the first time and wow is she great!   I was hosting at Nick’s Comedy Stop in Brockton (which no longer exists, I’ll take the blame)  and she talked to me like a peer and equal, which does not always happen when you are the lowest person on the show.  Andrea was really really funny that night.  As in getting the first laugh within 5 seconds and keeping the audience (and me) laughing for the rest of her set.  Andrea has helped me out by doing spots on shows that I’ve produced and made me look good because she always delivers a great set and she’s been nice enough to invite me to perform with her on shows and helped me try to get in at different clubs.  She really is one of the nicest and funniest people I’ve met while doing comedy here in Boston and I couldn’t think of a person I’d rather feature in this week’s column.

I caught up with Andrea to ask her a couple of questions:

Q:  How did you decide to be a comedian?

I was looking for something to do, and I saw an article about stand-up comedy classes and was like I guess I’ll do that. I took the class and for our graduation we performed at the Comedy Studio and then I  just kept going back.

 Q:  Sometimes you run races for miles and miles, with your feet.  Why?

I was looking for something to do, and I saw an article about joining a track team and was like I guess I’ll do that.

Q:  Were you a big fan of comedy growing up?

Not really. My dad had a Rodney Dangerfield album that I liked, and for some reason we had a family outing to a Jackie Mason show when I was like 10 but that was about it. Thinking back, I  was into more homegrown comedy, like my friends and I would do goofy things that we thought were hysterical (one summer we dedicated a lot of time to prank letter writing). We  also made a sit-com about a family that would always end up with someone getting beat up. We used a tape recorder to record it. It’s probably for the best we didn’t  actually have a  video camera.

Q:  You’re a mom.  I hear giving birth is really painful,  like biting your cheek or stubbing your toe.  Did you take a day or two off from comedy after your child was born?

I really didn’t take too much time off as comedy’s maternity leave benefits are pretty lousy.

Q:  You’re a versatile comic capable of making so many different audiences laugh.  What is your favorite kind of show?

Pretty much any show that goes well is my favorite. But I guess two specific types- any time I can perform in a theater and the lady specific comedy shows (just because I can hang out with my lady comedy friends).

Q:  Have you done any hell gigs?  Can you describe it?

I’m pretty quiet up there, so shows where they want you to come out charging at them, or they haven’t been settled down can be tough for me. For specifics, nothing’s been truly horrifically memorable for a while so I’m probably overdue.

Q:  Who should be featured in the next installment of this blog?

Probably me again this was fun.

Q:  What is worse, spiders or beets?

Beets- I’m ok with spiders they’re nature’s pesticide.

Q:  Who or what makes you laugh the most?

Right now, Eastbound and Down. I’m watching it via Netflix. Kenny Powers is my new hero. You should watch it.

Q:  There’s so many great comics in Boston.  Did you have a comedy mentor?

Not to repeat everybody who gets asked this but I think Rick Jenkins, Rich Gustus were incredibly helpful. Also  Erin Judge has been a really good friend from like day one. And my  BFF Sue (she’s not in  comedy but is very funny), she’s willing to screen my jokes and tell me when they’re terrible.


You can catch Andrea at a show near you.  Check it out:

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