Comedy Diet Challenge: Thee End!


How does it end?!?!?  How does it end?!?!?

Well my friends it ends with my younger brother Greg losing the most weight.   He lost 31 pounds.  I lost 30.  My father came in last place out of the four of us and refuses to do comedy (now).  So Greg insisted on a different punishment for coming in last.  He ate an entire pizza during our poker game last night and with every slice he ate he was required to tell the whole table “I’m a fatty!”.  Which sounds like he’s getting off easy but it was really funny to watch as he struggled with finishing the whole thing.  Unfortunately for him, he didn’t realize that was going to be his punishment for coming in last and he went to a pig roast before the poker game…. soooo…..  yeah, he was really being a fatty.

Anyway, over the 2 months that this challenge took place I lost 30 pounds, by eating better and pretty much just riding my bike a lot more.  I didn’t really do much exercise other than that.  I rode a total of 326 miles over the course of the last 2 months (sounds like a lot but it’s only 5 or 6 miles a day).  I mostly ate healthy but I didn’t really deny myself of things I really wanted I just ate treats less often.  But I think most importantly I WON’T be doing stand up comedy in ladies underwear.

Also I hesitantly included before and after pictures.  Try and remember that I’m an average dude that tried to eat better and exercise for 2 months.  Most before and after pictures are of a person that was already in great shape, then got out of shape so that they could get the gig of “before and after guy” and then got back in great shape.   I just go from being fat to less fat.  Don’t judge me too harshly.  Also the pictures are selfies…. which is kind of funny on it’s own, and since this is supposed to be a comedic website what the hell let’s do it.









Yes I know it’s a pretty sweet camouflage otter box I got on that iphone.






After the final weigh in Greg and I were trying to figure out what we can do for our next challenge and we decided on the Ruckus Race 5K.

Even through the past two months I haven’t been running so this will give me something new to work towards.  Anyway interested in joining in on the fun is more than welcome.  The race we’re doing is November first so we went for our first run today and it was tough.  Only a mile and a half and plenty of breaks.  Burning lungs.  I realized that I can’t do the monkey bars at the playground (man did those children find that funny)  and I had to buy expensive bright green sneakers because they’re the only ones that feel right on my weird feet.


Come to Sally O’Briens in Somerville on Monday.  Any Monday.  At 7:30 and I’ll be there hosting and you can tell jokes or just watch the show.  335 Somerville Ave.  Union Square.



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